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Laura’s recipe of the week: Win Schuler’s Swiss Onion Soup

Laura’s version of a very famous Michigan soup—Win Schuler’s Swiss Onion Soup — A historic restaurant located in Marshall, Michigan, since 1924.

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2 lbs. onions, thinly sliced            1/3 c. butter

1/3 c. butter                                   2/3 c. flour

2 T. chopped garlic                       1 c. heavy whipping cream

2 T. dry mustard                           salt and pepper (to taste)

2-3 t. dried sage                            croutons

¼ c. cooking sherry                       Swiss cheese slices

6 c. chicken broth                        grated Parmesan

In large Dutch oven pan, cook onions in the 1/3 c. butter, until onions turn dark golden brown, about 15 minutes.  Add garlic, mustard and sage.  Stir in sherry.  Add broth.  In a medium saucepan, melt the other 1/3 c. butter, stir in flour.  Cook and stir the roux until light brown.  Stir flour mixture into onion mixture.  Stir in whipping cream.  Bring to a light boil.  Cook for 1 minute more.  Season with salt and pepper.  Serve soup in ramekins topped with croutons, Swiss cheese and Parmesan cheese.  If you wish, place soup bowls under a broiler for a minute or two to melt cheese and lightly brown.  Enjoy!

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