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Lake Huron Medical Center Exclusively Offers MRI Services to Certain Pacemaker Patients

Port Huron, MI – Lake Huron Medical Center is excited to offer exclusively in St. Clair County the ability to scan certain pacemaker patients within an MRI environment. 

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in patients with cardiovascular implanted electronic devices has historically been regarded a general contraindication. However, research over the last decade led to the recommendations in the 2013 ESC guidelines, where MRI might be possible if following certain prerequisites. 

Today, a broad selection of device systems are available which have been approved for the MRI environment under certain defined conditions, typically also including a dedicated device-specific ‘MRI mode’. Cardiologists, Radiologists, Nurses, and representative from the device manufacturer work collectively in order to avoid unnecessary risks for the patient. In cases where these recommendations cannot be met, or if a device not labelled MR conditional has been implanted, a careful case-by-case analysis should be performed by the responsible physicians, specifically including alternatively available imaging techniques, thoroughly balancing the patient-specific risks versus the anticipated diagnostic benefits. 

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If this analysis brings about a decision in favor of MRI, specific general precautions should be taken on the basis of the available preclinical and clinical studies, particularly including attentive patient surveillance during the procedure and carefully implicating convenient options for device reprogramming directly before and after the MRI.

To schedule an appointment, please call (810) 216-1145. For more information about Lake Huron Medical Center, visit  

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