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Kobe Bryant’s death should serve as a wake up call for us all

By Joseph Hayes

He was relentless.

He was the definition of what drive, effort and hard work has always appeared to be.

For a generation of athletes and sports fans, Kobe Bean Bryant was their definition of hard work and inspiration.

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In the same way Bryant worked to mimic Michael Jordan, athletes around the world worked to mimic him.

So when the news came of Bryant’s sudden death over the weekend, the empty feeling of grief that quickly spread seemed to transcend sports.

There aren’t many athletes that would have caused such a reaction or left an entire nation in mourning.

But in the hours after Bryant’s unexpected passing from a helicopter crash, along with eight others, it was hard not to take on a posture of grief and sorrow as if one of your own family members had just died.

I could only think to myself over and over again of the simple, yet complex thought: “I hope Kobe Bryant had a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

This training ground called Life is supposed to bring us closer to God but in so many ways, it can lead us further away.

Everyone becomes driven by something or focused on debating something.

But there is nothing more important or more essential about life than establishing a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

The Church has been given orders to go around the world and preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth with that distinct, particular, message.

It appears we have done everything but that.

One day, just like we all arrived on the earth, we will all be removed. There is an enemy lurking, who is attempting to steal, kill and destroy.

When death occurs so many people become confused. But the devil actually does exist. It’s a reason why bad things continue to occur all around the world to people we hold dear.

Around the world, many people are struggling to understand why Bryant and the other passengers on the helicopter met their demise. The truth is, the devil is the culprit in all of this.

This was all an attack and it would be a lie to assign blame to God for ‘calling Bryant home’, when God has promised mankind 120 years on this earth.

God did not simply call Bryant home. The enemy, who is continuously out to steal, kill and destroy is the one who is always looking to try to claim another victim.

It’s time for Christians to go out and stop him in his tracks with their authority, instead of allowing him to simply roam loose.

Jesus said we have been given authority because of what He accomplished on the cross. We have authority over all of the works of the evil one.

We have been taught by this world meanwhile to be powerless, instead of being impactful.

But it’s past the time for Christians to be inspired to be like Jesus Christ, who has granted us the authority to put an end to the works of the devil, who has killed yet another group of gifted individuals that God had sent to the earth.

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