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By: Marion Webber

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Jane Robinson, the Executive Director of KIDS, created the organization after receiving two foster children who had nothing but the clothes on their backs. There were no resources available for her to get clothes for them.  Jane recognized a need and sought to find a way to fulfill that need.  In 2002, Jane created Kids in Distress Services and ran it out of her garage.  By 2003 she had outgrown her garage and moved to a storage facility.  After realizing that the need was greater than she had anticipated, in 2004, the “store” building was donated to the organization, and that is where the organization is still housed.  Since 2004, KIDS has grown so much that they have had to find space to store their excess inventory. So many times people are embarrassed to ask for help.  They want to “go it alone,” but then there is a time that going it alone doesn’t work anymore.  Children and parents suffer from so many unexpected circumstances in life.  Like Jane, many families have become foster parents to children, or it may be someone who has been through a fire, or a victim of homelessness; but many times it is people who have lost their jobs and cannot find work. To have groups that really care are essential in the world today.  Where would we be without these organizations?  It’s vitally important that we donate our time and talents to an organization that touches our heart, because by touching our heart, it goes on and touches the hearts of so many more!  One small donation can make the difference in the life of “someone.”

Kids in Distress Services, Inc. is a 501c3 charity based in St. Clair, Michigan.  The sole purpose of the organization is to provide free clothing to underprivileged and displaced children in the surrounding areas.  For each child referred to the agency, a guardian will get five sets of clothes, outer ware, shoes, and other age appropriate items such as hygiene products, diapers, and baby wipes.

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Children who receive aid from KIDS are sent through a referral system.  This means that KIDS does not directly decide who receives aid and who does not. Community based agencies such as churches, schools, hospitals and Human Services, which are familiar with referred individuals and their financial situations, send them with referrals to the store.

Volunteers are needed to pack up and replace all the winter clothes with spring and summer clothes.  It takes 2 weeks to accomplish this major project which they call the “summer change over.”  Again in the fall they will have their “winter change over.”  So twice a year the store gets a whole new look.  Men are especially needed to carry the heavier loads.  All this is transported to a storage building.  Any items not needed at that time are shipped overseas to help anyone in need there. NOTHING goes to waste!  When I visited this exceptional business, a volunteer was doing the laundry. Everything that comes in is washed, stains removed, and tagged to go out on the racks. All the clothes look like new!

If you want to help KIDS in helping children and youth who are in need of clothing and other necessities, please make a financial  contribution to enable Kids in Distress Services to purchase non-recycled items such as socks, under clothing and shoes.  Your tax deductible gift will enable KIDS to continue operating and keep our warehouse stocked!

Some Referring Agencies:

American Red Cross • Catholic Social Services • Community Mental Health • Make a Wish Foundation • Numerous Local Churches • Pathways • Safe Horizons Shelter • St. Clair County Schools and Hospitals, and many more local organizations.

KIDS IN DISTRESS is located at 1114 South 7th Street  St. Clair, MI 48079     (810) 326-4505

Store Hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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Blue Water Healthy Living

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Blue Water Healthy Living

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