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Josh Sabo explains how young people can build their life with “The INDUSTRY”

By Josh Sabo

Young adults are pressured into college, making $100,000 commitments for a degree for the career of their dreams, but this is only true for around 20% of college graduates.  With no career, and massive college debt, most graduates feel ripped off, unmotivated, and hopeless!

30% of College freshmen drop out, and 80% of college graduates never use their degree according to the Washington Post.

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The average student comes out of college with $50,000 of college debt.

Many other young people don’t go to college, and have no direction. This uncertainty causes them to stop engaging in their own community and their own lives. That is why we are creating a new way forward for our high school graduates.

Who are we?

The INDUSTRY (T.I.); is a brand new non-profit organization acting in direct response for our local young adults (17-25) in the most important transition of their futures. Through our organization we are offering what we’re calling a “Bridge Semester”; a break from traditional education in order to assess, and connect the PRESENT to the FUTURE, BRIDGING the space between highschool and SUCCESS.

Unfortunately, many are not given a broad understanding of what a successful career could be through traditional education. Many are pressured into college, when instead they could choose trades, management, entrepreneurship, sales, nonprofit leadership, and more.

The INDUSTRY (T.I) will foster an experience for our students to promote soft skills such as; a strong work ethic, communication, creative problem solving, self-awareness, interpersonal, time management, teamwork, and leadership. All Students will be provided with P.L.O.T. This acronym represents our 4 major components of T.I. Personal life coaching, Local networking, On campus housing, and Timeless education.

Students will spend the program developing their Life Plan. This is a plan focussed on their career, life dreams, and goals. The plan provides the steps that the student needs to get the results they desire. They will leave with a clear understanding of who they are and where they’re going. They will receive a certification of completion as Fellows of The INDUSTRY, deep local connections, and a tribe of peers to stay connected with for years to come and a new life.

T.I will form key partnerships with local entities to give students a strong network in their own community. This will give them a sense of individual responsibility and help establish them as confident community leaders who follow through on their goals and dreams.

To accomplish these goals, we will provide mentoring/coaching, life skills training, workshops from local leaders, overall personal assessment, on-campus housing and connections to experiential learning in the community to give the most well rounded, effective, self-directed, life training available.

Over time, T.I will create a learning environment that will be an invaluable resource to young adults, local organizations, and the community at large!

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Josh Sabo

Founder/CEO of The INDUSTRY


Josh Sabo is a…

Founder. Husband. Dad.

a true visionary whose sole purpose is to help others reach their greatest  potential. Josh has an entrepreneurial spirit and has started and sold businesses in retail, food services, real estate, and others. Josh has a healthy obsession for his family. Tiffany, his wife, is an entrepreneur and mom to Scarlette and Amelia. Tiffany is an excellent human being. Josh’s family loves the Port Huron area and is so excited to be a part of a growing community and wants to help enhance the Blue Water area with The INDUSTRY.

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