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Joining 2 Dresses Together

By Marisa Glied

I have been really inspired by mixing 2 different dresses together to make 1 new dress. So that is what I have for you today!

Let me begin by saying that I LOVE this dress for it’s pattern! However I DO NOT like that I look like a sausage stuffed into it’s casing. This needs a refash STAT!

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This style of dress has actually become my favorite! I love the neckline and the fullness of the skirt. I always feel so feminine in these dresses! But this dress is kinda of dull being just plain black, although the dress does have a nice embossed fabric.

Okay, so I started by dismantling the black dress. I separated the top from the bottom and separated the sleeves.

Now to incorporate the 1st dress…

I obviously wanted to keep the skirt portion of the black dress so I kept the top portion of the colorful dress to attach to the black skirt. I cut the 1st dress at the waistline. Then I attached this to the black skirt of the 2nd dress.

Almost done putting these dresses together…

I kept the sleeves from the black dress and stitched them onto the straps of the patterned top. And that completed this dress! Easy Peasy!

I just love this new dress!!

A close up of the sleeves!

Happy Refashioning!!!


Hi there! Welcome to my little blog! My name is Marisa, phonetically that’s Marie-sa! My goal is to change the way you look at outdated clothes by making you think outside the stitch! I am a dental hygienist by trade but that leaves me longing to show my creative side and having something more fashionable to wear than scrubs! I have always been interested in fashion and for years I have been dabbling in creating my own clothes. Now is the time to seriously get into refashioning and encourage you to do the same! I hope this little blog of mine inspires you not to pass up those oversized unsightly pieces of clothing but to transform them into something beautiful! Happy Refashioning!View all posts by TheRefashStash

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