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Join the local Mascot Debate

By Joseph Hayes

It will surely be one of the hottest debates that continues to ramp up.

How does the Blue Water Area handle the local mascot debate at schools?

After the Washington Redskins broke long-standing tradition and changed its name, that will surely have an effect on team names around the country.

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Several middle schools locally have names that include Native American imagery, including Port Huron High School.

That list of schools extends throughout the entire area to Capac High School and Sandusky High School. Interestingly, opinion is divided where some feel it is a sense of pride and others a symbol of dishonor.

Submit your thoughts for what you feel should be done regarding mascot imagery in the Blue Water Area.

Submit a few sentences to

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1 comment

Mary Lou Jerrett July 22, 2020 at 9:52 am

To me this is just ridiculous, stirred up by a bunch of political Groups for their own purposes. All of these teams and other things named after Native Americans (and notice I say native AMERICANS) Are honoring the people they are named after. They’re Proud to be Big Reds, Braves, Warriors, Chiefs. Even though I come from the Husky side of town. I suppose they should change their names too, because we’re dishonoring the dogs!


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