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Impeachment or Totalitarian Overthrow?

Via Tedium Media:

The two articles of impeachment that the Dems are presenting are “abuse of power” and “obstructing Congress”. Neither of which are impeachable offenses.

Even liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz said that trying to impeach Trump for “abuse of power” is absurd.

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“The Republicans should have challenged Professor Feldman’s assertion that ‘abuse of office’ is a constitutional basis for impeachment,” Dershowitz tweeted. “These words do not appear in the Constitution and such vague criteria were rejected by the Framers.”

Me: Now that impeachment has passed through the House, let’s just think for a moment how little they have for the basis of that impeachment. They gave up on high crimes and misdemeanors. They gave up on treason. They gave up on Russian collusion. They gave up on the obstruction of justice. They just gave up on bribery. They gave up on impeaching him on all of these things despite the fact they kept saying they had “conclusive” evidence against him. Apparently not!

Law experts, even liberal law experts have criticized these hearings for lack of evidence and said these hearings are based on feelings and not facts. The View, which, in my opinion, is an ultra-left talk show, did one of their partisan hack polls and even according to that rigged poll, it says most Americans oppose impeachment. Even ultra-left SNL is now mocking Pelosi and top Democrats.

Just in case you needed a couple more reasons why this impeachment is a sham? Even before Election Day came, Democrats said if Trump wins the election they will impeach him. After he won the election they said they planned to impeach him before he was even inaugurated. The President can only be impeached for treason, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors committed while he is President. How is it possible for Democrats to impeach before he is even President? Before he could even possibly commit a crime?

The two articles of impeachment were brought forth for alleged crimes he committed in June 2019, but straight from Pelosi’s own mouth, they have been working on impeaching him for 2 1/2 years. How is it possible for Democrats to impeach him shortly after his inauguration for alleged crimes that don’t happen for another 30 months? It is painstakingly obvious Democrats couldn’t care less about the truth. He won, Hillary lost, and they planned to remove him one way or another by any means necessary, but Trump is abusing his power?

Just in case you needed one more reason to see this fascist overthrow for what it is, again, straight from Pelosi’s own mouth, “The American people shouldn’t get to decide who the President is.” Yes, she actually said this. Whether you are liberal, conservative or independent, Pelosi says we don’t get to decide who is President. She decides for us. This is a crystal clear abuse of power, but Trump is the one being impeached?

According to Hillary Clinton herself: “Those who refuse to accept the results of an election are a direct threat to Democracy”. Yet for the last three years, Democrats have refused to accept the results of the 2016 election. Doesn’t that make them a threat to Democracy? In fact, Democrats have attempted to impeach every Republican President since Eisenhower. Our 34th President Dwight David Eisenhower served from January 20th, 1953 to January 20th, 1961. So the Democrats have been a direct threat to Democracy for the last 66 years, but Orange Man bad!

Pelosi has screamed “Impeachment!” over a thousand times now. People are sick of hearing it even many on the left. It is now put up or shut up time for Democrats. They have spent the entire three years trying to overthrow Trump like a bunch of third world dictators, all the while they do absolutely nothing for the people they are supposed to be representing, and unfortunately for Democrats, many in their voter base is waking up to this obvious fact.

Democrats are never going to win the 2020 election if they are still too busy trying to overturn 2016. If Trump wins re-election, and he will, it wouldn’t surprise me if they gave up on impeachment and decide to attempt to assassinate him instead. We are on the brink of a 2nd Civil War and the regressive left seem to foolishly forget who has all the guns, most of the military and most of the law enforcement on our side.

As I said in a previous article… Good luck; you’re going to need it!

Patrick Knowles
Political Commentator

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