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Icy Roads

By Robert Harrell

Whether you are aware of it or not, you have come upon an icy patch in the road. You see, you have been cruising along the road of your life with all of its curves and turns, its ascents and descents, and you have come to where you are now. This spot should look a bit familiar to you for you have crossed this kind of road before. You come to this slippery section of highway every time this year. This is where you seem to have a harder time keeping the wheels on the road. Look over to the right and you can see the sign which reads: “Danger, Holidays Ahead”. There are two or three especially difficult spots ahead, and you will see them coming up soon.

The first is “Thanksgiving Turn”. This is when we are reminded to give God the due thanks He rightly deserves for all of our many, many blessings. This may entail a gathering of loved ones with a sumptuous turkey on the dinner table and all the dressings. We may enjoy dear moments of traditional conviviality as we look into the eyes of those we love, and we may offer our words of appreciation to the Father above for such benedictions. There we may also glance at the empty chair, now over against the wall, upon which our precious one used to sit.

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It will not be long before you will approach “Christmas Curve”. Now, this is a dangerous curve indeed. Countless lives have swerved, lost control, and have broken through the guardrail and plunged down the mountainside to their deaths below. Christmas is about Christ, yet our minds go to other figures, other matters, and the car begins to slide. Flickering Christmas trees replace the Light of the World, Jesus, and His Star above Bethlehem. Memories replace the Magi, and worries, the Wise Men of old. Where is your mind at right now?

The last of the jeopardous patches will be indicated by the sign which reads, “Danger, New Years Day”. It involves a steep climb to the top, and then an almost immediate descent to the valley below. You know it; you have traveled there before. For some reason, people like to play their music loud in their cars as they climb. They especially like to hear Auld Lang Syne, and they honk their horns when they reach to summit. Then they quickly turn off the sounds, except for the sound of their beating hearts (they cannot seem to control that), and they clasp the wheel tightly as down they go. It is all traditional.

What will help you to travel safely through these icy patches and dangerous places on the highway is first to realize that you have come upon them. You are here. Then you must also say to yourself, “I have been here before.” Most importantly, however, is knowing that there is One who can safely see you through these frozen slippery spots. In fact, a good idea would be to pull over just now and let Him do the driving so that you will safely make it through. Who is this expert driver? this Handler of the life’s highway? Carrie Underwood told us in a song when she sang, “Jesus take the wheel, take it from my hands, cause I can’t do this on my own.” Why don’t you just let Him drive from here on out? Why don’t you let Him save you from this sinful road you’re on? He is merciful and kind, and forgiving, and He is more than able to handle what is ahead. He knows the way. He is the way!

“Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'”


Rob Harrell is originally from the Detroit area, and he has living in the Blue Water area for 20 years. He is 61 years old and has three grown children and 6 grandchildren, all of them living in Michigan. He has served as a pastor in Michigan, Connecticut and Virginia, and currently leads a home church, Oakwood Fellowship in Port Huron. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree, with a major in Psychology, from Wayne State University in Detroit, and a Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He is a resident of Fort Gratiot, and enjoys golf, reading, travel.

Oakwood Fellowship meets at 10:30 am Sunday mornings. For more information contact Robert at (810) 385-6877.

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