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How a Red Tsunami was shackled

By Tim Parker

To discouraged friends who’ve lost hope that Justice and Truth will ever again reign in America, I KNOW what you’re talking about! Many cowards and Deep State players are in charge of crucial departments. They are supposed to ensure our Constitution is enacted in the face of evil criminal activity – against enemies domestic and abroad. Sadly, the depth of corruption is huge, evidenced by this corrupt “election” that Trump won in a Red Tsunami. The common word is, “Biden won; get over it and move on!” So why so much cancel-culture when we bring up myriad instances of voter fraud, irregularities, and theft of an honest election?

Justice should be blind and enacted whenever warranted. When the lights went out November 3, 2020, Satan’s minions here and around the world did their dirty work. Barr and Durham said, “We don’t want to bring facts to bear before the election (to sway the election) but that didn’t stop Democrats in 2016 and beyond. In my mind, their hand-wringing-but-do-nothing approach emboldened Democrats and gave a green light to steal this election with impunity. Stalin said something like, “It’s not a matter of who votes, it’s who and how they count the vote!”

Millions of Patriots ask, “Where’s the FBI, DOJ, CIA and others?” Most often, they’re on the side of the Deep State, One Worlders and Leftists against righteousness, law-and-order, God, godly government and our Republic. This truly is a war of good against evil, Righteousness versus iniquity, and Republican Nationalism versus Socialist destructionism. The odds were stacked against Trump from the beginning! Most don’t see through the haze to see the corruption that will destroy America as we know it. Let me present 10 factors that collectively laid the groundwork to possibly finally remove President Trump from office. Don’t let it happen!

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1. The powerful demonic effect of Satan and his minions always resist God’s design and work. If ever the gates of Hell have been opened, it’s now. Most people in the church are not taught to fight the forces of evil, so what should we expect? Do you know how to fight them?

2. The Steele Dossier was the paver-bricks to this whole charade. This got the ball rolling. A good man, Jeff Sessions, got caught up in cancel culture before many knew the term. Worse was done against Gen. Michael Flynn to thwart certain exposure.

3. The lame, fake, bought-out main stream propogandists who claim to be news organizations are in bed with Leftists! They don’t hide the fact that Trump receives more than 95% negative press – something News people never used to do. They’re pretty much under contract to Soros and China and don’t care if people know. It’s a sad state of affairs.

4. Our education system has leaned Left for the past 60 years. They pump out students who hate our country, Capitalism, our Constitution (if they ever read it), the God we were founded upon, Judeo-Christian values that dominated our existence, and everything God ordained. Then we wonder why they don’t respect a President who respects our Constitution, flag, Veterans, Law and Order, freedom, our 2nd Amendment, and the right to live in peace. 

5. Tech Giants that never existed before 20 years ago are thought-police who act as bona-fide political agents of Marxism and Socialism who carry heavy censorship sticks to control our elections. They squash Trump, truth and conservatism yet exalt the Left, lies and Socialism with impunity. Congress should “clip their tails” but because they haven’t they’re emboldened to more severe socialist tactics. Look what they did with the Hunter Biden story – they squashed it because it didn’t fit their agenda. Even now, with all the evidence presented by Trump’s team, we can hardly find the Truth on YouTube – so much for free speech and free elections. 

6. Outside interference from countries that hate what America stands for – governments like China, Russia, Cuba, Germany, Venezuela, Iran, etc. – work to see us fall. They fail militarily but think they can gain victory with outside election interference. Where is our CIA, DOJ and FBI? They’re complicit in this matter and quiet as a mouse – nothing about collusion! 

7. Never-Trumpers think they’re the Republican Party yet Trump exposed them as spineless “leaders” – good talkers who fill their own pockets and do nothing for America. I am part of the Republican Party but hate this element; they don’t speak for me! There’s never been a better time for a Trumpite Party to rule the day by starting a viable third party!

8. Many anti-Constitutional Judges sit on benches yet take money from George Soros to rule against our Republic. Patriots see these rulings every day and scratch their heads saying, “I can’t believe what they just said or did!” We need many new Judges at all levels!

9. Like never before, the Church played the prostitute as the Gospel is skewed. Many laypeople are unaware of the depth of this sellout where once-godly institutions took dirty money from Soros and China to prostitute their message, God’s Word, and Christ’s Gospel. In the wake of this sellout, millions of professing Christians are “convinced” Trump is evil, and evil is good (Isaiah 5:20) – what a deception and distortion! People must wake up – but not get woke!

10. The perpetration of a new war strategy worked hugely for evil forces in the last few years – more demonic than we’ve seen in the past. They use smoke and mirrors to steal what they can’t get otherwise. Think beyond events themselves. The Russian Collusion Investigation was used to steal the Midterms. This was never investigated for what it was – a plan to destroy Trump by stealing the Midterms! They tried and failed with Impeachment. Then, in 2020 we know about the Plandemic (with a greater more-sinister goal in mind) used as the smoke screen to steal this election. People were so mesmerized by fear, shut-downs, depression, masks, insanity, death-and-case numbers, etc. that they didn’t realize how this was used to attack Trump, smear his name and kept promises. Many think, “He got what was coming to him.”

Sadly they don’t realize Trump kept us out of war, made us the world leader in oil and gas production, singlehandedly did more for the black community since Abraham Lincoln, was Pro-Christian, Pro-Life, Pro-Israel, Pro-Constitution, Pro-America, Pro Law and Order, brought jobs back that politicians allowed to leave (as they filled their pockets with corrupt money to destroy the middle-class), fought the Deep State at every turn, fought against open borders, child-trafficking, abortion, higher taxation, poverty and more – against all odds.

America has many who don’t realize what they’ve done. We’re on the brink of having our Republic stolen from the will of the majority and one of the greatest Presidents of our nation’s existence. We’re close to spitting on the graves of our founders. This “story” can be likened to the scourging, crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. Are you in the applauding complicit crowd? Or are you in the celebratory embracing crowd? How will history judge your participation? The death of Jesus Christ brought the New Covenant and Gospel. The “death” of President Trump signals the death of America. With the “election” past, we can yet fight! If we don’t fight on this hill, I don’t think we’ll have a hill to fight for in the future! It’s a sad day; pray for the best.   

God is Sovereign in all things but this doesn’t mean we should roll over and allow this theft to occur without a fight. The reality of spiritual warfare taught in Ephesian 6:10-18 shows why people should not lose heart. Yet the drip, drip, drip of corruption, sin and injustice can break us down to the godly reality we should exalt, demand, and love. This is the war we find ourselves in today. I will not give up as long as there is one shred of hope. Trump will not give up. His lawyers will not give up. Yes, God must win this battle but we must fight too!  

The Deep State/One Worlders/Leftists planned The Great Reset. Many will say, “My God, what did we do!” or “Why didn’t we do more to stop this!” Don’t be complicit – ignorantly or otherwise – in the greatest crime against our Constitutional Republic! We have an opportunity to do a Great American Reset (MAGA). I am pulling for that as we resist this corrupt election that will steal Four More Years. Help Stop the Steal for our Republic and our children’s future.

Pray that Truth wins out, Justice returns, revival comes, and our Republic is saved from apparent death. Keep your head high with hope that America will rise from the ashes. In the Revolutionary War, when Fort Henry was under attack, many thought all our efforts were for naught. When all seemed lost, the flag stood in the morning and so did we. Right now, we’ve been bombarded on every side. Let’s hope and pray as we hold our flag high. Pray that a fair election is accomplished. God bless President Trump and America!

In His Grace,


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