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“Hope Rising”: Ismael Hernandez, Executive Director/Freedom & Virtue Institute. Lecture on American Society.

Ismael Hernandez shares his story of growing up in a communist family in Puerto Rico, why he decided to renounce communism after living in America, his views on American Society and where it is heading.

On October 25th, 2021 Ismael Hernandez visited Lakeport Wesleyan Church in Fort Gratiot, Michigan to speak about the dilemmas society is facing in America.

Watch the full lecture for all the details.

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“I could not tell you how or when I ceased to be a communist, but America made me see—grudgingly—that I had been wrong. One day I came to realize that when I stepped into this land, I indeed breathed the fresh air of true freedom. At first I denied it internally, but I soon began to question my long-held beliefs and enjoy my life in America. Eventually, I renounced the fake promises and the great lie of socialism, to my father’s great displeasure.” Ismael’s return to Puerto Rico for a visit was an emotional and important event in his life. “I tried to communicate to my father that I was having second thoughts. I was still in transition, but he would have none of it. It became increasingly difficult for us to talk about politics, and I simply let it rest.”

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