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Hollywood comes to Harbor Impact Ministries

What do Annette Durcan, David Heath, Port Huron, Randy Goldberg, and HOLLYWOOD have in common?  They were touched by Shark Tank investor Daymond John.  On one of the episodes, David and Randy asked Daymond John to invest in their Bombas sock business that gave away a pair of socks for every pair they sold.  He agreed to give them $200,000 for 17.5% of the company.    

Annette Durcan

Far from Hollywood where the seed money was received and New York where the socks were being produced is the lovely town of Marysville, Michigan.  Annette Durcan lives there and she knew those socks had to be going to the homeless somewhere.  She decided why not her neighboring community of Kimball, Michigan, at Harbor Impact Ministries where the homeless, the oppressed, the struggling, and the unheard are given voices.  So she wrote a letter to Bombas.

Not long thereafter, a full Federal Express truck arrived late in the afternoon at Harbor Impact Ministries.  Alarms were on so the Director went to the door.  The delivery man was smiling.  I asked him what was up.  He said he had a truck full of socks for us.  AND HE WAS NOT KIDDING.  We received 15,000 pairs of socks. 

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Many receive services at Harbor Impact Ministries thanks to Annette Durcan, David Heath, and Randy Goldberg and all the wonderful volunteers who give of their time to Harbor Impact Ministries

One year later, Annette’s devotion to Harbor Impact Ministries was not forgotten by Bombas socks – though this time the socks were delivered to her house en route to Harbor Impact Ministries!  

At our next Harbor Impact Day Annette sat behind the piles of different sizes and shapes of black socks and gave them away.  At a retail store they would have cost the recipients from $14 to prices normally paid for a fine handbag.

Ready to share!

At our July 28 and 29th Impact sessions, Bombas socks will be distributed thanks to Annette Durcan, David Heath, and Randy Goldberg.  What fun to be a part of Shark Tank and Daymond John’s investment right here in Kimball, Michigan.

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