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Has the Left Gone Crazy

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By Patrick Knowles II

Americans seriously need to pick up a world history book. The very first step towards totalitarianism has ALWAYS been State control of the media. It is seriously difficult to be a dictator when the media is against you. Besides the media, dictators have always used rich elitists, the entertainment industry and the education system to spread propaganda to indoctrinate the masses to their side. It is seriously difficult to be a dictator and spread propaganda when all means to do so are controlled by the people who hate you. It is impossible to be a dictator when your political enemies bash you for serving McDonald’s at the White House and taking two scoops of ice cream while giving everyone else one, let alone allow you to do anything remotely tyrannical. 

Dictators also kill their political enemies and exterminate citizens who don’t fall in line. Funny how no one who has bashed Trump is dead, yet 149+ with ties to a certain Democratic couple have been killed in freak accidents and committed impossible suicides. One of these people shot himself in the back of the head… twice! Then after he killed himself he got up, hid the gun and lied back down on the floor to go back to being dead. BRILLIANT! Still, on a weekly basis, this body count keeps rising. 

How many more people with ties to these two as well as other top Democrats have to die before their sycophantic supporters, law enforcement officials and supposed journalists start asking questions? It just goes to show how criminally engaged and corrupt the Washington establishment and their lap-dog media truly are. The police could actually find a body in Hillary’s or Biden’s trunk and hours later the Democrats and the media would scream at the top of their lungs that Trump killed him and put the body in that trunk to frame Democrats! 

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These are also the same regressive leftists that have OPENLY admitted they would be more than willing to destroy this country, pray for an economic depression so millions can starve to death and pray for a foreign dictator to attack our country and kill millions of innocent people just to spite Trump. 

It’s no different than two parents neglecting and hurting their own child because they hate each other. It is no different than flying on a 747 and demanding the plane crashes and kills all 200+ people because you hate the pilot. That is how hateful, illogical and ridiculous the current left has become. 

These same self-important liberals also believe 60+ million people voted for Trump because the Russians told us to. Most of us who voted for Trump did so because we were fed up of being called Nazis, racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, murderers, traitors, and being threatened with assault, rape and extermination just because we dared to disagree with your fairy tale narratives. Alienating over half the country and calling us racists was a definite losing strategy in 2016. What is your strategy for 2020? Triple down on the identity politics and call 98% of Americans racist and Nazi?

Good luck, you are going to need it!

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