Guarding the Family

By Allen Domelle, Old Paths Journal

2 Kings 11:6

“And a third part shall be at the gate of Sur; and a third part at the gate behind the guard: so shall ye keep the watch of the house, that it be not broken down.”

Athaliah was a wicked woman. When her son, who was king, was killed, she tried to kill all of his children so that she could become the ruler of Judah by destroying all of the royal seed. However, Jehosheba took Joash and hid him in the temple so that this wicked lady would not kill him. It was during this time that Jehoiada the priest set guards in the temple to protect this young child from those who would want to destroy him.

This story shows the importance of guarding your family from those things that would try to destroy it. We must never forget that Satan is after your children, and sadly, he has destroyed many children in the confines of their own home because the parents have not set up guards to protect their children from Satan’s attacks. Just as Jehoiada the priest set guards around this young child, you must set up guards in your home to protect your children from any influence that would destroy their mind. There are four areas that you must guard your home from Satan’s attack.

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First, guard the family atmosphere. Jehoiada the priest commanded the guards to guard the “king’s house.” The influences that come into your home must be carefully guarded. What comes across your home’s digital screens will often influence the minds of children far more than how parents teach their children how they should live. Satan has been very sly to get parents to allow the television or games on digital devices to entertain the children so that they are not a “bother” to the parents, only to allow the programming from these devices to influence the children for wrong. If you want your children to have a godly mindset, you had better guard what you allow your children to watch on the television, and what games you allow them to play on their digital devices.

Second, guard the family influences. The friends of your family will influence what your children become. You can’t have the wrong type of friends and expect your children not to follow the ways of the world. Your children will become like the children with whom you associate. You must guard the influences of friends, for your friends will influence your children. Moreover, guard the influence of the music. Be careful that you don’t listen to the wrong music because the musicians who sing the music that you listen to will become the heroes of your children. If you don’t approve of the musician’s lifestyle or beliefs, you would be wise not to listen to their music.

Third, guard the family private times. The private life is as important as the public life. You can’t have two different lifestyles, one you live in private and the other in public, and expect your children to turn out right for God. If you want your children to turn out for God, you must be as careful to do right in private as you are careful to do right in public.

Fourth, guard the church of the family. You can’t expect your children to do right when the church is not a priority in the home. My friend, you must plan your life around the church and its scheduling, for in doing so, you will teach your children the importance of keeping God first in their lives. If you want your children to serve God, keep the church as a priority in your family.

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