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Governor Whitmer says wearing mask could determine fall sports

By Joseph Hayes

The sports world is changing by the day.

However this fall plays out will surely be different. But surely the local and state levels will once again be impacted in some way.

What exactly that means, that’s anyone’s guess at the moment, but Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer believes wearing a mask today could play the ultimate difference tomorrow.

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“We’ve got 56 days until the beginning of school,” Whitmer said Thursday on 97.1 FM’s The Jamie and Stoney Show. “We know that this virus is still very present, that it can spread like wildfire. You look at what’s going on in Alabama, Florida, Texas, all across this country there are examples of unchecked spread of COVID-19 where they’re shutting down again. That’s what we’re trying to avoid here.

“If we mask up now, it increases the odds we get our kids back in school, we can resume some of these great sporting events that we all want to see. But it depends on all of us doing our part now.”

Governor Whitmer implored people to wear a mask during the interview and has been part of several initiatives during the week.

“Sports is an important part of our culture,” Whitmer said during the interview. “It’s an important part of learning for the athletes. We’d like to make sure we’re able to compete and enjoy sports,” she said. “But it’s all going to be determined by what people do right now, and I’m talking about the general public.

“I’ve chatted with the (commissioner) of MLB, the NFL. I’ve chatted with leaders who are promulgating really smart practices about keeping athletes safe and not having big crowds coming to watch, but maybe watching it on TV, consuming it a different way. At the end of the day, it’s all going to depend on whether or not we mask up now.” 

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