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Get Uncomfortable: Why it is Important to Leave Comfortability When Following Jesus

Why do we go to the same coffee shop and order the same latte? Why do we sit in the exact same spot at church or in class? Some of us even go to bed at the exact same time and have the same routine before bed every single night. We, as humans, love comfortability and dare I say, predictability. However, in the life of a Christian, someone who truly follows Jesus, life is not shy of adventure or change.

Since I have been walking with God, I have gotten married to my amazing husband, but I have also moved with this man across the United States – 19 hours away from everyone I know. Walking with God has caused me to randomly hug people, speak words to strangers, and pray for those who look like they have never prayed a day in their life. The Holy Spirit has even had me step down from a church where I had a position and go elsewhere with his only command being to trust him. When God leads, I have had to say things that do not always sit well with others, but I have also witnessed people drawing closer to the heart of the father. Living a life following Jesus, I have saw miracles, healing, restoration, and repentance.

The life Jesus has called us to live is anything but comfortable. When we follow Jesus, he has us do things that do not look like everyone else. Let us be transparent here, it feels uncomfortable to walk up to someone you have never met and ask them if you can pray for them, especially at first. It feels uncomfortable to leave everyone you know, quit the job of 10 years, and it is super uncomfortable when everyone must share their opinion about it. But, this life full of discomfort has made me flourish into a woman who is head over heels in love with the Father. Being uncomfortable has brought people healing, freedom, and wholeness. When Holy Spirit speaks to us to do something, it is important for us to obey no matter who is looking or talking. When He speaks, even if we do not understand, we should be ready and willing to act. Being obedient to God is worth getting uncomfortable. I have noticed the more that I step into what he asked me to do, the more I truly trust him. I know he his completely trustworthy, his plans are flawless, pure and for everyone’s good. People will always have opinions, but God knows the heart.

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I am reminded of the prophet Jeremiah and the life of Paul. Life was very uncomfortable for them when they were doing exactly what God had called them to do. Take Paul for instance. As an apostle, he was spreading the gospel as God had called him to. Yet, he ended up in prison, stoned, and even shipwrecked following Jesus. In Jeremiah 26, God had spoken to Jeremiah to speak exactly what he had said, not holding anything back and because he did just that, the people said he “deserved death”. I am not saying that you are going to end up in prison or people threatening your life. What I am saying is that following Jesus can cause some trouble to the world around you that is perishing. However, to the repentant heart, it can bring eternal life. What are you willing to do for Jesus? Are you willing to lay down your fears and hold his opinion higher than the opinion of others? Challenging questions, yes, but important ones which we need to reflect on and answer honestly.

What has God spoken to you about recently and what has he called you to do that has made you uncomfortable? I want to encourage you to ask him why you have not done that thing (yes that thing that just came to your mind). If there is a lie you are believing or a fear that seems to hold you back, Jesus has died to set you free and lead you into all truth. There has never been a time when I was obedient to God and regretted it. There have been lessons amid being uncomfortable, but it has always brought fruit and harvest in the end.

Life with Jesus is adventurous and if you feel that it is not, pray for a divine opportunity. As Christians, we are to bring heaven to earth. We are God’s Children, vessels to share the healing, wholeness, and freedom that we have found through a relationship with Jesus. My challenge to you is to get uncomfortable and do exactly what God has spoken to you to do. Do that thing. Do it fearlessly, relentlessly, and passionately, knowing God’s plan is so much greater than we could ever understand or imagine.

Scripture Study:
Jeremiah 1:4-10
Jeremiah 26
Galatians 1:10
2 Corinthians 5:20
Matthew 26:16-20

Written through: Tanja Lunney

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