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Get Some Fight

By Allen Domelle, Old Paths Journal

Psalm 144:1

“Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:”

One of the greatest misnomers that has been perpetuated in Christianity is that God’s people don’t need to fight. The verse above disagrees with this because it says that the LORD â€śteacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.” Exodus 15:3 also says, â€śThe LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.”

Certainly, our God has given us the example to be fighters. However, our problem is we tend to fight each other instead of fighting the things that God wants us to fight for. There is a great need for fighters in the Christian world. Sadly, Bible colleges are teaching young servants of God to be peacemakers instead of fighters. The first response to adversity by many of these young servants of God is to lay down instead of standing up and fighting. There are some things for which you should be willing to fight.

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First, you should be willing to fight for your marriage. I am amazed how divorce is so quickly embraced instead of fighting for the person you said you wanted to live the rest of your life with. So, sin has caused some divisions in your marriage; don’t give up on it so quickly, fight for it!

Second, you should be willing to fight for your family. Every parent should have some fight in them when it comes to doing everything in their power to see their children serving the LORD for the rest of their lives. To sit and let your children go the way of the world without fighting for their hearts and minds should be unacceptable.

Third, you should be willing to fight for your faith. When the faith is under attack, you should not sit quietly by and let it slowly be demised by passive liberals. We live in times when people are willing to overlook faith being watered down just for the sake of everyone getting along. You should love your faith enough that it should bother you that anyone would want to destroy it. My friend, if those things you hold dear to you are as dear to you as you say, then you must be willing to fight for them. Let me give you a couple of thoughts about being a fighter.

First, get over the passive mentality and get a stomach to fight for what you love. Laying down to sin and not being willing to fight for right all for the sake of peace and getting along is simply compromise. Too many are in love with peace when they need to be in love with truth. Peace is a result of fighting for truth. If you are in love with peace instead of truth, you will become passive when what you love comes under attack.

Second, you must be willing to be mischaracterized by the passive believer. Those who love peace and not truth will often talk negatively about you, but you must be willing to be maligned if you are going to fight for what you love.

Third, adversity must arouse the passion to overcome if you are going to be a fighter. Adversity is the greatest revealer of the character of the believer. To lay down and roll over as dead when adversity comes instead of fighting for truth is only letting sin destroy what you love. My friend, love will motivate you to fight when what you love is under attack. The question must be asked, how much do you love what is under attack? If you love it the way you say that you do, you will be willing to fight to see what you love preserved.

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