The Generous Nature of the Blue Water Area

On Saturday, February 17, there was a spaghetti dinner benefit held for Erin Bitzinger at the American Legion Hall on 6th Street. The benefit was put together to raise money for Erin who will be undergoing decompression brain surgery as she was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation 1. This is a neurological condition that not only affects the brain but also the top of the spine. The surgery will hopefully provide some relief for the intense headaches and pain that she endures on a daily basis. The malady also limits the motor functions and dexterity in her hands. With the help of her friends, family, and the people of the Blue Water Area. The benefit was able to raise much needed money for Erin which will go towards medical costs and expenses incurred during her recovery period.

This once again shows how wonderfully generous this area really is and why we should be proud to live in it.

Erin said it best in her Thank You on Facebook:

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“There are no words to fully express the feelings of pure appreciation and love that I have in my heart at this moment. As I said last night, I thank each and every person, from the deepest depths of my heart, who have reached out to me with their love and support in these past few weeks. I am truly blessed beyond comprehension.
To the CPHS crew…Ed and Shelley Senyk, Karl J Staffhorst, Chad Schuler, Christopher Orrell, Brandon Kovatch, Sean Wendt, Andy Wolfe, Vaux Walker Adams, Katie Gunn, Brandon Wright, EJ Shay and Jamie Y… It’s very rare that a group of people are lucky enough to be placed to work together and have a lifelong bond, even after we’ve gone our separate ways. You all gathered together to make last nights event possible, and in doing so have given me the gift of calmness and relief. I will now be able to focus on recovery and healing.
I also have to give my heartfelt appreciation to Jessy Orrell, Cathy Martinek, Mrs. Staffhorst, Grant Smith, Mr. Kovatch, Amy and Lillian Kovatch, Alicia Wilson, Rachel Bodley, Kelly Moak, Mary Shehan Kennedy, Rowan Jones, Brooklynn Fleming all of the Senyk kids and their friends and everyone else who contributed to last nights event. The baskets for raffle were truly an amazing sight.
Last night was very surreal and beautifully overwhelming. My love and gratitude to all. Thank you ❤”

A GoFundMe site has been set up in Erin’s name.


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