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From the Friends of Silver Trails

MCC and Silver Trails Survey

The survey has been in circulation for just over 3 weeks now and there are few new responses since the last update. We really need to get this thing out there more. With more participation from active members, the more meaningful the results will be. We want MCC and BSA National to see these results and realize how seriously, or not, the sale of Silver Trails will impact local BSA participation. Please e-mail the survey link to everyone in your units and anyone you know who is or has been involved in Scouting. This survey is not intended just for members registered in the Water and Woods Field Service Council, but for all members across the MCC. 

So far, the survey results are quite clear and not surprising. The MCC has failed to live up to the grand promises as set forth in the Area 2 Project and the 2012 consolidation. While some respondents say that they could understand selling a few camps, the huge sell-off by the MCC strikes most as a disgusting attempt to prop up a failing organization, if not an outright land grab. Adding insult to injury is the lack of transparency, misinformation, and complete disregard for the many Scouts, Scouters, and other community members in the old councils where these camps are being sold.

Link to the survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdL-CQdvtNRBmEZqOUVrQrYXr9kcF-8Tyj2rUctuFwhRo7I7w/viewform

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Grant Township Meetings

The Friends of Silver Trails will meet again, this coming Monday, September 9 at the Grant Township Hall pavilion at 6:00 PM, or in the hall if the weather is not conducive. The Township Board meeting is at 7:00 PM. They are planning to discuss a permit application by AMC Mid Michigan Materials to mine on the east side of the Black River. We want to let the Township know that we are here to help, track their progress on updating their recreation plan and ordinances, assist in preparation for a Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund grant, track their progress on meetings with the gravel company, and make suggestions on how to save Silver Trails or at least salvage what we can before it is destroyed forever. 

Some of you have requested the draft letter of interest that we discussed at the last Friends of Silver Trails meeting. This letter would be submitted by individuals to Grant Township to request information about any decisions regarding Silver Trails. See the draft letter below. You can modify the letter as you like: 

Greetings Grant Township Clerk, 

Please add my name and contact to any of INTERESTED PERSONS / PARTIES that shall be notified on upcoming or future public hearings, use, or zoning regarding the following property:

Parcels 74-21-006-3001-000 and 74-21-006-3002-000 

In order to limit cost, please e-mail me at: [insert your e-mail here] 
If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at: [insert your phone number here] 

Very Respectfully,
[insert your name here]

We Need Your Help

There are many issues surrounding the sale of Silver Trails, ranging from the conduct of the Michigan Crossroads Council to gravel mining to political action to communications, and so on. Are you willing to help with some of the many tasks? If so, please contact us. We need help with the following:

  • Further research of property deeds
  • Contact Scouters and Scouts all over Michigan, especially in those areas that have lost camps
  • Articles and letters to various media
  • Representation at local events to get the word out on Silver Trails
  • Social media posts
  • Promote more support resolutions
  • Research Michigan Crossroads Council finances
  • Research Blue Water Council finances
  • Further research of Michigan Crossroads Council articles of incorporation and bylaws
  • Further research of Michigan Crossroads Council Executive board members
  • Plan for retrieval of camp items and salvage of camp structures

If you have any questions, please contact the Friends of Silver Trails. Send an e-mail message to get on the e-mail distribution list.

Rob Lester

Terry Hoy

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