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James Freed Threatens Reporter In Bar

Editors Note: This video is an editorial, the thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints expressed in this program are not necessarily those of GBS Media or Blue Water Healthy Living.

City Manager James Freed threatens BWHL reporter, Eileen Tesch, in local bar.

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Jim Bloch

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Shar June 12, 2024 at 3:13 pm

Most of the facts your guest talks about regarding the canal are incorrect. Please educate yourselves before sharing your “news” with the public. Flooding is not a normal or regular occurrence in the black river and canal area. The particular problem with the canal was caused by flooding from an ice jam back in January.
The rest of the info shared seems very gossipy. Your profile talks about being a warrior for Christ. This news outlet does not appear to be Christ-like with its negative spin. Why not highlight great things happening in the area. Why not try to be different with uplifting news? What do any of these topics have to do with Blue Water Healthy Living anyway? I’m not familiar with this organization or you, but I’m not sure of the connection with gossip and healthy living?


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