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Follow Your Heart … By Melissa Wrubel

By Melissa Wrubel

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STOP! Whatever you are doing right now, just STOP … for a few moments. Can you answer a question for yourself … honestly? Take five seconds out of your day and think about this question. ONLY five seconds please!  Think of the FIRST thing that comes to your mind. The question is … what is the one thing that refreshes you the most? 4, 3, 2, 1… BAM…what is it?!

Could it be fishing in St.Clair? Or walking on the beach with your significant other? Or could it be spending time in the yard planting flowers? Whatever it is, just know that this interest you have is a significant piece of what makes you YOU!. It matters. It’s important. It’s not minuscule or negligible. You need it. Think about it as your lighter fluid. And whatever you do, don’t feel guilty for taking some time for yourself regularly. It will keep you balanced and will help you to stay mentally and emotionally healthy.

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