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Expert Customer Service – Samantha Elias, Bedrock Kitchen and Bath, LLC

Samantha Elias, Sales and Design Consultant, Bedrock Kitchen and Bath, LLC

By Karrie Beck

If you’re looking to remodel a kitchen or bath, chances are you’ve considered the durability and scratch resistance of granite and quartz. But where do you start? Chances are pretty good that working with a person who…

    • … knows the ins and outs of stone,
    • … is able to visualize with an artist’s eye the look you want to capture,
    • … treats customers with patience and compassion,
    • … isn’t pushy, yet isn’t afraid to give you a straight answer,
  • … and loves the work they do and believes in the products they sell,

… would be the best place to start. Enter, Samantha Elias!

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“I’ve never picked out a countertop in my life, and I have no idea what I’m looking for.” This has to be about the last thing a service employee wants to hear. Nonetheless, this was exactly what I said to my husband as we walked into Bedrock Kitchen and Granite. A gentle eye roll and a winded sigh would have been the reaction from most sales associates, but not Samantha (Sam) Elias. She simply smiled, listened and allowed us the extra time it took to answer all our questions. Sam worked within our budget and helped us visualize a new design concept neither of us had considered.

The best part about working with Sam, however, was her peaceful, reassuring demeanor throughout the entire process. Her attention to detail and helpful suggestions allowed us to find exactly what we were looking for.

Family Matters

Sam has worked for Bedrock for 7 years as a Sales and Design Consultant. I asked Sam, ‘Why Bedrock?” She told me, “Bedrock is more than just a family business to me; Bedrock is my family. In 2005 Bedrock started producing small projects out of my father’s pole barn on the outskirts of Yale, MI. Watching my brother (Joseph Knott – Partner) and his partners (Butch, Gordon, and Joe) move, cut, and shape mountains in my own backyard was the start of it for me. I was hooked. When I was of working age I begged my brother and his partners to bring me on.

“My first walkthrough of our warehouse made me realize that I love the natural beauty of stone. Working alongside the partners at Bedrock fueled my curiosity and fascination for this industry and my clients sharing their dreams and part of their life with me set in stone my passion for my work….pun very much intended.”

When asked about how she became so knowledgeable, Sam credits those close to her. “Everything I have learned about this industry has come from our staff. Gordon taught me the design and artistic aspect of what we do, Butch made sure I was well-versed in the technical side, Joe R. taught me how our fabrication department works (he even taught me how to polish stone!) and my brother Joe mentored me through all of my learning and encouraged me to learn more. Every employee there has taught me something that has allowed me to grow into the position I’m in and the person I am today.”

Together with her husband, James, two children (Nevaeh – 8 and Melody – 4) and a fur baby (Roxi – 4), Sam’s other loves – horses, camping, kayaking, hunting, cooking, and a good book. When Sam’s helping you make decisions that affect the heart of the home, the kitchen, you feel like you’re in the best hands. She cared about our remodel project as though it were her own. Another testimony to the quality and care that is Bedrock.

“I firmly believe that it isn’t an individual person that makes a great company, but the collective efforts of each individual. Every person here has put in hard work so that I can do the job I do, we can not do it without each other. Thank you guys for being my Bedrock family!” Samantha Elias on her Bedrock Family

Don’t just take it from my recent experience, listen to what others are saying about the customer service Sam and the team at Bedrock provide:

James writes, She’s a one-of-a-kind person, we’re lucky to have her. She’s an excellent salesperson who really knows her stuff.

Tracy from Waterford adds, 

Hi Samantha, Thank you very much for everything. I appreciate you guys trying to work with me yesterday when I had no power. I was kind of freaking out a little bit.

Please thank Melanie for me, for all of her wonderful help during this process. And, I would really like to thank your guys that came out to do the work. They were absolutely wonderful in trying to make this happen with no power. They tried to get my generator started, just so they could finish the job, and I really appreciate all the extra effort.

Great Customer Service…..

Thank you again!

Ready to remodel?

Bedrock Granite, Fort Gratiot, MI

Bedrock Kitchen and Bath, LLC has four locations to serve you:

    • Fort Gratiot, MI
    • Traverse City, MI
  • Port Huron, MI

* Serving Michigan and Ontario

Has someone in the customer service field recently blown you away and you’d like to write about them? Email me at and give credit where credit is due. Let’s recognize the many people who make our area such a great place to live and buy!


Karrie Beck lives in Port Huron with her husband and teenage son. She earned her Master’s Degree from Central Michigan University and went to work as an educator for Port Huron Schools in 2002. She enjoyed a teaching journey which included assignments in grades K-8 as well as her time spent as an adjunct instructor for St. Clair County Community College. Currently a ‘Kimball Kub’, she teaches Health and P.E. to the wonderful families of Kimball Elementary School. Blessed is how she refers to the opportunity to work for GBS Media as an administrator for their online magazine, Blue Water Healthy Living. Organizing volunteer writers allows her the opportunity to meet the many inspiring people who positively impact the local area she loves.

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