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ER Fitness Heats Up!

Erin Reno, Melissa Tremmel, Owners, ER Fitness

By Karrie Beck

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Summer is almost here! Are you swimsuit ready? Well, that’s certainly not as important as the cardiovascular benefits of a good sweat, but anyone looking for an effective tune up (or tone up, rather), Erin Reno and Melissa Tremmel, owners of the fitness studio, ER FITNESS, in Lexington, MI, understand the struggles of fitting fitness into your schedule.

Melissa Tremmel, ER Fitness

“We use diverse training protocols and modalities…Most classes involve a combination of cardiovascular conditioning, traditional strength training, and functional training…We can do whole cardio classes, but people often get stuck on ‘routines’ and don’t improve or get stronger. To avoid boredom and plateaus, we add functional and strength training to aerobic exercise…including exercises that mirror things you do on a daily basis, as well as survival training to give you strength to get out of bad situations.” ER Fitness

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workout class

Sound perfect or what?! This mission statement tis exactly what someone struggling to get moving needs to hear. A fitness plan catered to the needs of the masses; fitness that’s fun and engaging. Plus, the first class is free! Erin Reno and her staff will help those who help themselves; setting and striving to reach their own personal fitness goals is worth it’s weight (loss) in gold. It looks to me like ER Fitness has the expertise and knowledge, along with a staff that has an extensive background blended with the necessary encouragement to get anyone to move.

Personalized training sessions available. (810) 357-9803

I encourage readers to put some thought into your summer fitness goals and efforts. Could they use a tune up? Have they stalled completely? It’s never too late to make some minor adjustments to get your workout routine back in shape and dig those flirty summer sundresses out of the back of the closet.

Fitness and good health can be fun. Who doesn’t want to feel and look your best this summer?

Check out ER Fitness, and get ready to MOVE.

ER Fitness LLC
5160 Lakeshore Rd.
Lexington, Michigan 48450 (810) 357-9803

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