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Enjoying the Wonder of Crystals Part 5

By Victoria Lafean


The crystals you have are a precious gift and it’s up to you to look after them and keep them in top condition. This means keeping them in a sensible place, adjusting their programming when necessary, and cleansing them.

According to Rodenbeck, “When crystal healers talk of cleansing a stone, they mean more than getting rid of dirt. What you are doing is cleaning the energy of the crystal and helping it unique vibration to resonate effectively.”

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Running Water

Holding your crystal under running water is often enough to refresh the crystal. Using running tap water is acceptable. A better way of cleansing your stone is to immerse it a natural water source, such as a stream, waterfall, sea, or lake. As water flows over your crystal, hold the intention that all negative energy is being washed away and the crystal is being re-energized. Avoid water cleansing if your crystals are water-soluble. Stones such as Halite and Selenite can be degraded by water.


Leaving crystals in the full light of the sun for a few hours will also energize the stones. Place stones on cotton material to keep their energy separate from the ground or stones around them. Be aware that some stones can fade in the sunlight.


Native Americans traditionally cleanse crystals with White Sage or Sagebrush smoke. A White Sage ‘smudging’ stick is what is recommended and it is also easy to find. Simply light the sage and allow the crystal to sit in the path of the smoke. You can also hold the crystal and pass it through the smoke in your hand. This method is useful for large stones and several crystals at one time.


All crystals can be cleansed by bathing them in the light of the moon. The full moon is the best time for cleansing and recharging crystals. Place stones on cotton material outside in the moonlight before bed and bring them inside in the morning. Moonlight draws out impurities to recharge the crystal’s energy. Since the moon has a relationship with the tides and the natural vibrations of the Earth, it will have that same relationship with the vibrations of crystals.

Cleansing and recharging your crystals keeps them in tip-top working order. A crystal’s vibration syncs to your own natural human vibrations, in other words, crystals form a bond and connection with you. Treating them with respect is important for your health, balance, and spiritual transformation. Take care of your crystals and they will take care of you.


Victoria Lafean has been writing since the age of seven. She previously focused on journalism in college, serving as editor in chief of the Erie Square Gazette and receiving a degree in Journalism. After starting a writer’s workshop at the Newton Falls Library in Ohio, and creating a monthly newsletter for The Pines at Brookhouse Assisted Living, Lafean shifted her focus to becoming a well-established author. Wicker Hill is her first novel and O.C.D One Cool Dude is her first children’s book. Both are available through Amazon and Createspace.

Lafean currently resides in Fort Irwin, California. Lafean’s husband Evan is currently serving as a soldier in the U.S Army. Her hometown is Port Huron Michigan. Both Evan and Victoria hope to return after Evan completes his military service.


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