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By Allen Domelle, Old Paths Journal

Matthew 10:22

“And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.”

Several years ago, my dad and I were taking a trip from California to Indiana in my car. I was going to college, and my dad wanted to help me to take the long trip. We were in the Mojave Desert when my car started having difficulties. The heat was extreme, and every twenty to thirty minutes my car would completely shut down. We had nowhere to go. There was no exit nearby. The only thing we could do was endure and keep on going. That drive through the Mojave Desert was one of the longest drives of my life, but we made it because we endured.

I don’t know what your Mojave Desert of life is, but everyone has one that they will have to endure. The Mojave Desert in the verse above is that you will be “hated of all men” for Jesus’ name’s sake, but He said the way to make it is that you must “endureth” to the end. The word “endureth” means to last, or to bear, or to sustain without breaking. There are several things the word “endureth” means to your life.

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First, it means that whatever your Mojave Desert is, it is going to be hard. Your problems are going to be hard, but you are going to have to hold up while you go through them. You cannot go through life and break every time something hard comes your way. When it is hard, you are going to have to determine to bear that burden no matter what it is.

Second, “endureth” means that you can’t control the circumstances. The fact that you are enduring this Mojave Desert that you have means that you can’t make it go away. You can complain about your Mojave Desert, or you can decide to start enduring it. Complaining about your Mojave Desert will not change the heat of the desert, nor will it change the hardness of it. If anything, complaining only adds to the difficulty of your desert.

Third, “endureth” means you will come to the point of breaking without breaking. You are going to feel like you can’t take it anymore, but God says that He won’t allow you to break if you allow Him to help you through it. God never puts more on you than you can bear; so, if what is on you is more than you can bear, it simply means you didn’t cast it on God. You are going to come to a breaking point, but that is when you MUST go to God and ask Him to help you carry the burden.

Fourth, “endureth” means you endure and endure and endure. The word “endureth” is in the linear which means you have to wake up every day and determine to endure. It means that you have to choose to take another step after the last step. It means that you keep on going even though you don’t see the end in sight. You endure by realizing that God won’t allow what you are going through to break you. Certainly, what you are going through may be difficult and uncomfortable, but you must continue enduring because quitting doesn’t change your circumstance.

The only way you are going to succeed at “endureth” is to stay focused on the purpose of your life which is Jesus Christ. My friend, when you focus on Christ, you will realize that you have a friend who “sticketh closer than a brother.” When you stay focused on Christ, you realize you have someone who helps you to carry the yoke.

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