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Embrace Your Own Power, The Green Path

By Victoria Lafean

Arin Murphy emphasizes the Green Path throughout her book. The Green Path helps bring balance and focuses on harmonizing yourself with the energy of nature. The Green Path is the way of the naturalist, the herbalist, and the healer. We are going to explore the gifts of nature and use them to find balance and harmony in life. You will use natural elements to improve the well-being of the physical body, the spirit, and the environment to establish a personal connection with the natural world.

The Green Path focuses on three distinct concepts, the Earth, humanity, and yourself. Just as nature’s energy affects us, so too does our energy affect nature. To embrace one’s own power, one needs to focus on energy centers. There are seven basic energies or areas that are very important in our lives. As Arin tells us, these centers are harmony, health, love, happiness, peace, abundance, and protection.

Let’s begin with Harmony. To maintain harmony, one must balance the six other areas of focus. When everything is in focus, the other six areas will flow smoothly in balance. Health affects your physical well-being along with your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Illness creates an imbalance in your personal energy. To work on balanced health, one needs to focus on healthy Love. Love of one’s self is a crucial part of a balanced life and energy. Maintaining a love for family and friends is also important to balance your emotional and spiritual focuses.

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Happiness is something that everyone strives for. One thing about happiness is that it comes in many forms. Happiness encompasses the ability to rejoice and celebrate one’s self. Each person celebrates themselves in a unique fashion. Happiness is not just within yourself for yourself, but it becomes better when you strive within reason to work for the happiness of others and the natural world. Peace can also have many interpretations, such as serenity, relaxation, an absence of aggression, and tranquility. Peace is a highly individual concept. Therefore peace is defined by you.

Abundance is not only characterized by only the prosperity of wealth, but we see abundance in other areas equally in personal abundance, family abundance, and community abundance. Abundance is not a focus of self-centeredness, but an abundance for all in our natural world. Our seventh focus is on Protection. When we are protected, we feel safe and free to pursue self-expression and development. Protection involves your physical body and others, possessions, emotional well-being, soul, spirit, and the protection of family, friends, and community.

These seven focuses are important for not only the Green Path but also to the individual who is not working towards a more naturalist lifestyle. These focuses also look like an impossible mountain to climb, but through these articles on the Green Path, we will revisit these seven focuses with meditation practices, crystal therapy, recipes and the natural magic of herbs, flowers, essential oils and more. Remember a balanced you is the best you. We’ll take a guided journey with Arin Murphy-Hiscock and explore the Green Path together.

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