‘Sister Clara’ as she’s known, has since the age of three, desired to “Go around the world telling people about Jesus.”

Rev. Clara Browning

She was first called at the age of 13 and later spent five years in Seminary. She quit for a year, but went back and became a Christian Education Director for 30 years.

She never thought of being a pastor, but in 2009 she went for credentialing as a Youth Pastor. Later, during a period in 2013, she served as a pastor in the First Regular Baptist Church in Dresden, and “felt at home.”

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One day she was speaking at a nearby church, Prince Albert Baptist, and an “elderly lady” remarked, “I knew your great-granddaddy. I can see your Spirit. You preach like him.” This gave her a sense of belonging to something greater than herself.

Rev. Clara has a picture of herself alongside a picture of her Great-Grandfather, and to make a long story short, one-hundred years after her Great-Grandfather was credentialed, she was credentialed and ordained herself by Canandian Baptist of Ontario and Quebec. She’s a part of Amhertsburg Regular Missionary Baptist Association.

Today, 11-months after her ordination, she is still excited and still wants people to know who God really is. She is a great advocate of Prayer. “Pray the Word, pray the Word, it never comes back void.”

Words she lives by: “God sometimes does allow more then we can handle so that we can lean on Him, and put our faith to the test. But there is always a way provided for victory. The phrase ‘God doesn’t give you more than you can handle’ is wrong, it should be changed because He does equip us for the trials we find ourselves in.”

She goes on to say, “I preach the Word of God, He enlightens me to preach. If it doesn’t sit well with someone I simply tell them, take it up with God see what He has to say about it.”

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