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Do you think high schools should further promote trade occupations? Why?

By Dennis Grimski

Originally Published on November 19th, 2018.

We will often post questions to those who like our Facebook page in an attempt to get to know our readers better. The following article was in response to a question we posted on Blue Water Healthy Living’s Facebook page regarding college vs. trade school. We encourage you to add your thoughts and comments as well.

Do you think high schools should further promote trade occupations? Why?

It has been drilled into students’ heads for ages—whether from parents, teachers, university guidance counselors, or grandparents—that traditional college is an absolute must. Make the family proud: Go to a four-year university. But, is a bachelor’s degree THAT important? Is it the end-all in education? It is my contention that colleges have become so liberalized that 80% of its students only acquire a large debt and little chance of getting a job in their field. Data shows 40% of college students drop out.

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Sure, everyone needs a skill to support themselves and their families, but do those skills need to come from training at expensive four-year universities? Not to mention, not everyone interested in four years of school. There is another option; one that makes so much sense practically and financially—trade schools.

Trade and vocational schools have been underrated and frowned upon for so long. But that undeserved stigma is rapidly changing. More and more students are starting to look for a different path to a career, especially now that the cost of advanced education is leaving people with sticker shock and massive amounts of debt. It’s no secret that those with bachelor’s degrees or higher have larger earning potential than those who stopped at a high school diploma. However, when you weigh in the heavy-duty loan that has to be paid off once a job is secured, the bachelor’s degree doesn’t seem so fancy anymore. It might actually be a burden.

And many college graduates only become Dilberts working in a cubicle totally disillusioned.

Trade school for many is a viable option. Many journeyman plumbers and electricians are making $70-80 per hour. If you recently hired a residential plumber, you’ll know what I mean.

It’s time to end the grip the public education system has on America. For many, sending your children to a trade school is a bonafide option.

We appreciate Dennis for sharing his thoughtful responses to our questions posted on Facebook. We encourage you, our readers to do the same!


Dennis is a 40+ year resident of the Blue Water area. He is a retired Executive Officer for two regional healthcare organizations; and was the CEO for his own successful Management Consulting firm. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History from Western Michigan University; a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling from WMU; and a Specialist Degree in Psychology/Behavior Modification from the UM. Dennis is a Christ-follower, husband, father, grandfather, and loves golf, board games, and discussing politics and religion. He is a leader in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF); disciples several men; and has been an Elder, children’s bible teacher, Sunday school teacher, Life Group leader, and Men’s ministry leader in his church.

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