Anti-Dismemberment Abortion Petition Drive

Michigan Right to Life is in the process of collecting over 400,000 signatures of registered voters in an effort to make Dismemberment Abortion illegal in the State of Michigan.  If you don’t know what Dismemberment Abortion is, click on the link above for an explanation.

St. Clair County Right to Life is responsible to collect a minimum of 7,000 valid signatures. We have a small team of volunteers collecting signatures and have made some significant progress.  We’ve passed the 2300 mark for St. Clair County Signatures and 750 for Macomb County!!

In addition, there are another 100 total signatures for 15 other counties. We are getting there.

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According to Barb Listing, president of Michigan Right to Life, she is pleased with our level of success at this point in the drive, and especially with the contacts we’ve made with our 156 churches.

We need your help.  If you believe that Dismemberment Abortion should be illegal in the State of Michigan and want to help, please, please contact us at  We will train you and show you how you can help.

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