Critical Race Theory Roundtable

By Helen Hermes

Editor’s Note: This program is an editorial. The views and opinions expressed in this program do not necessarily reflect the views of Blue Water Healthy Living, GBS Media, or the Grant Smith Health Insurance Agency.

In this edition of The Right Focus, Helen leads a roundtable discussion with Joseph Hayes, Theresa Armstrong, and Tami Carlone.

Join Joseph, Theresa, Tami, and Helen as they share their opinion about how critical race theory is looked upon in America and how schools are educating children on the subject.

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Listen to the group’s perspectives from the event in the video interview above.

The article below was written by Helen Hermes

Critical Race Theory In Elementary Grades

Definitions from 1828 Webster’s Dictionary


noun  1.  The act of distinguishing; the of making or observing a difference; distinction; as the discrimination between right and wrong.

2.  The state of being distinguished.

3.  Mark of distinction


adjective. Makes the mark of distinction; that constitutes the mark of difference; characteristic; as the discriminative features of men


noun   1.  Justice; right.  In practice equity is the impartial distribution of justice, or the doing that to another which the laws of God and man, of reason, give him a right to claim.  It is the treating of a person according to justice and reason.

2.  Justice; impartiality; a just regard to right or claim; as, we must, in equity, allow this claim.

3.  In law, an equitable claim.  “ I consider the wife’s equity to be too well settled to be shaken.”

4.  In jurisprudence, the correction or qualification of law, when too severe or defective; or extension of the words of the law to cases not expressed, yet coming within the reason of the law. Hence a court of equity of cancer, is a court which correct the operation of the literal text of the law, and supplies it defects, by reasonable construction, and by rules of proceeding and deciding, which are not admissible in a court of law.  Equity then is the law of reason, exercised by the chancellor or judge, giving remedy in cases to which courts of law are not competent.

5.  Equity of redemption, in law, the advantage, allowed to. mortgager, of a reasonable time to redeem lands mortgaged when the estate is of greater value than the sum for which it was mortgaged.


noun   1.  Equality of value; equal value or worth.  Take the goods and give an equivalence in corn.

2.  Equal in force, power or effect

3.  Equal in moral force, cogency or effect on the mind.


noun  1.  Difference; dissimilitude; unlikeness. There may be diversity without contrariety.  There is great diversity in human constitutions.

2.  Variety; as a diversity of ceremonies in churches.

3.  Distinct being, as opposed to identity.

4.  Variegation.

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