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Controversy surrounds SEFA/MFR; Future being discussed

By Arica Frisbey of Sanilac Broadcasting

(SANILAC COUNTY) – There continues to be questions about whether or not an EMS unit would or would not be stationed at the Port Sanilac fire station with progress on the issue being slow, at best.

At a meeting earlier this month, Makenzie Health System President and CEO Steve Barnett said it didn’t matter to them if their rig was housed at Port Sanilac or at their currently location, in Carsonville.

At that meeting, a document titled Operation and Status report of the Sanilac East Fire Authority was distributed, sharing information about the Fire Authority.

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There had been discussion whether or not the fire department should continue Medical Fire Response service if the ambulance was housed in Port Sanilac.

Both Barnett and Fire Chief Doug Moran scoffed at the notion, saying there are several times EMS units are unavailable in the area due to other calls and transfers, making MFR response necessary.

In the document, it states “SEFA should not consider participating with Makenzie Health System service at this time.” The document also claims home health care is available to residents in the 30-square mile SEFA coverage area and that “any new or expanded care could increase costs incurred by residents.”

SEFA members from Forester Township and Sanilac Township, the other two members along with the Village of Port Sanilac, have questioned costs of operations of SEFA and if they can continue paying rising costs.

According to information provided in the SEFA packet, Sanilac Township pays the highest amount in the Authority at 42.5% and a projected cost of $59,767 for Fiscal Year 2022. Forester Township pays 30% of the budget, or a projected cost of $42,1898 dollars for Fiscal 2022 while the Village of Port Sanilac pays just 27.5% or $38,673 dollars for Fiscal 2022.

Village officials have said that the fact they have the fire hall in town, as well as the trucks and equipment, they should pay a lower amount.

SEFA members are awaiting further information before making a decision on whether or not an EMS rig would be housed in Port Sanilac.

Further meetings will be held regarding fire and medical service in the area.

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