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Connecting Faith – Forgiveness

By Sheila Grant

In this episode of Connecting Faith, Kerry Ange, Marilyn Moncrief and Chi-Chi Obianwu joined the conversation on forgiveness.

Now, I have to be honest I began the segment by letting the ladies know I’d be more of a listener than a participant because forgiveness is still a major work in progress for me… so, I was wanting to learn and soak up tips from them.

Ultimately, forgiveness is not for the other person, it’s for us. When thinking about how often we should forgive someone, The Bible tells us there is no limit. In Matthew 18:21-22 Jesus tells us to forgive “seventy times seven”, not as an actual limit to forgiveness, but as a metaphor that there is no limit. We should continue to forgive others, as Christ continues to forgive us (Ephesians 4:32).

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Forgiveness requires us to show grace and mercy to others and also to view them as His children, because they are. Also, we have been forgiven, so we are called to do the same in forgiving others.

In our discussion, Chi-Chi brings up an interesting point; we also need to forgive ourselves. That is often the starting point in being able to forgive others.

This topic reminds me of a song by Helen Baylor called “The Sea of Forgetfulness;” take a listen when you have a chance and join me on Facebook @SheilaGrantTV to let me know what you think of both the song and this week’s topic.

Listen in as we discuss the importance of forgiveness, as well as some of our own experiences with it.

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