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Connecting Faith – Being Trustworthy

By Sheila Grant

On this segment of Connecting Faith, I spoke with Kerry Ange, Sarah Hague and Marilyn Moncrief about Being Trustworthy. We all agreed that being trustworthy is an important part of existing with others.

Proverbs 11:13 speaks specifically to being trustworthy by not telling things shared with us in confidence; that was a big one with the ladies, but we recognized that it doesn’t stop there. Being a person of integrity and being a person of your word is just as important.

People constantly disappoint us. That’s not the case with God; he does not disappoint us and will never fail us. What are ways you can strive to be more like Him in that way… to be trustworthy and a person of integrity? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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Click to watch this week’s episode of Connecting Faith and hear us discuss how being trustworthy is something we strive for and also expect of others.

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