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Cinderella’s Wedding

By Helen Hermes

September 4th, 1999

It all began with our gardens being put on the MGA garden tour. I offered our gardens as a fill in if other gardens were needed. That offer was taken as a yes I will do the tour. All previous tours did not get coverage by the local newspaper. This year the local paper took pictures of the gardens on the tour and our gardens were given the most coverage in the Sunday magazine section. One of the pictures showed our brick cross in a circle. For two weeks prior to the coverage, Cinderella was praying for a place to have her wedding. The weekend of the tour coverage she opened the magazine section and saw the cross. She felt that this was an answer to her prayer. She continued to pray for two weeks and then called. That was the Sunday we had three grandchildren and they wanted to go to the contemporary service instead of the traditional service. The phone rang five minutes after we were home from church and Jack answered (normally I answer the phone). I heard Jack say, “Yes she is here what do you want to talk to her about?” Well, that did not sit well with me. What was he asking someone else what they wanted to talk to me about?? Then he said, “Oh, you want to have a wedding here?” I couldn’t think of anyone we knew that was engaged or ready to get married. The conversation continued with “mmm, mmm, oh, I see uhuh, Where are you at? pause, you are at the Speedy Q Market, ok give us five minutes.” That cinched it for me I just knew it was my brother. Panic-struck! My mind was now running away with wedding plans. When he is in town he stops at the truck stop and calls us and our reply is give us five then we go get him. Well, it was not dear brother Sam. It was Cinderella. Five minutes later Cinderella and Prince Charming were at our place. They got out of the coach and she gave both Jack and I a big sweet hug and introduced herself and Prince Charming. She proceeded to tell us her Mother and Father had sold their house and she had to be out by September 1st (Mother and Father were really her aunt and uncle who helped raise her. Whom I refer to as Mother Aunt and Father Uncle to avoid confusion). Cinderella said that she and Prince Charming had planned on getting married but not this soon. As a Christian she could not move in with Prince Charming thus the need for a place to get married. We walked around the grounds while I asked questions and they answered. The reception would be on a boat. Back on the patio the conversation continues. There were family problems and there wasn’t money for a big wedding, but getting married in the cross would be very special and significant to them. Enters Jack into the conversation with, “It sounds like we are going to have a wedding here September 4th.” Cinderella lit up like a Christmas tree. I couldn’t say no (I planned on telling them Jack and I would discuss it), now all I could say was,” I guess so you just committed us.”


Cinderella and I met planning the wedding. Flowers were bought to line the walkway and patio. During the tour people asked if I always lined the walkway with flowers. I said no and told them about the wedding. A couple offered to help the day of wedding, but I had enough offers already. It seemed everyone loved the story of Cinderella and Prince Charming. A friend in our bible study offered to help serve refreshments. When she had to have an emergency operation another couple from bible study offered to help. Another friend from bible study made covers for the crocks that were used for the disposal of the throwaways. Jack took the video, his daughter Karen took pictures, the granddaughters and the friend’s one grandson baby-sat Betsy (schnauzer) so she wouldn’t get out and interfere with the weddings. Our grandson and the friend’s other grandson parked cars. The neighbor down the road said she would be home that day and offered to help. Another neighbor was willing to make refreshments. The weather was gorgeous (90 plus).

Wow!! when God is included things turn out perfect!! Just think I only planned on being a fill in for the tour, the paper never gave the MGA coverage before (4 years), I usually answer the phone and would have said no, we always go to traditional service one Sunday in three years we go to contemporary (would have missed the call). The wedding was not by chance. Cinderella and Prince Charming totally gave their situation over to God for help and He gave them the desire of their heart – a beautiful wedding in spite of obstacles. Plus everyone involved was filled with joy.

And they live happily ever after with God’s blessings.

Fairy God Mother Helen

Cinderella’s Family – Update

On September 4, 2019, Cinderella and Prince Charming will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. It is with smiles that we recall the wedding and the joy we had in helping them with their special day. Through the years we have enjoyed Cinderella and Prince Charming visits and the birth of their four children. They have been a blessing to us. Two families brought together because of their faith in God. Cinderella’s faith in God to help find a place for their perfect wedding gave courage to call a stranger for help. Our faith that helping those in need always brings joy. It was strong faith to ask a stranger to host their wedding and strong faith to believe that we could be of help in sharing a blessed day. Blessings abound when trust in God is allowed to prevail over human reasoning. Proverbs 3:5 & 6 is brought to life in this true event. Trust in the Lord with all your heart; Lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all ways; and He will guide your path.

Strengthen your faith:
Knee in Prayer
Stand in Courage
Wait in Hope
Walk with God

Helen is retired from a career involving mostly in data processing. She started in data entry and advanced to data entry supervisor and then into computer operations, programming, system analyst and middle management. She owned her own data services company that provided service to Ford Motor Company, Blue Cross, Chrysler, ASI, School Districts and many other businesses. After five and a half years, Helen sold to her partner. She and her husband moved to the Rose City, MI area to farm. After ten years of commuting back and forth to Detroit, a final move back to Farmington Hills was made.

During her life, Helen attended various college classes that included computer programming, business law, English composition, accounting, and other courses. She taught enrichment classes at Kirkland Community College, tutored reading classes in Port Huron for six years, was chairperson of the St Clair County Master Gardener’s Club for four years, was head trustee at Immanuel Lutheran Church for eight years, Chairperson of the Women’s Group at Holy Redeemer Church for four years, past secretary, vice chair, and chair of other various committees for the St Clair County GOP (member since 2008).

Helen and her husband, Jack have lived in Clyde Township for thirty years where they build their home. While living in Clyde they have traveled in every state of the United States. After visiting all the states, they journeyed to other countries in Europe, Eastern Europe (before EU), China, Thailand, Mexico, Columbia, Panama Canal, and others.

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