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Catching up with Biggest Snack emcee Chuck Gaidica

Photo courtesy of MI New Favorite Snack/Facebook More than two dozen local companies have signed on to compete in the first-ever ‘Biggest Snack Competition in the U.S.” to be held in Port Huron on Sept. 17, 2022.

20 finalists named for snack competition

By Barb Pert Templeton

For a first-time contest the Biggest Snack Competition in the U.S., to be hosted in Port Huron next month, has garnered plenty of attention.

In all 42 companies from across the state of Michigan entered the contest with five of those having multiple entries for a total of 50 snacks. A team at All Star Services, Inc. then selected the top 20 based on the following criteria: company story and vision, branding and packaging, company engagement, marketability of the product and finally taste.

The small snack companies registering for the contest had to have a license and insurance, products ready to go to market, be based in Michigan and employ a maximum of ten employees. The cost to register for the contest was $100. 

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There will be $50,000 in prize money awarded on Sept. 17 including a grand prize of $30,000. 

The winner will also land a distribution contract with All Star Services whereby their product will be placed in company vending machines. All Star Service, based in Port Huron, partnered with the Community Foundation of St. Clair County and Blue Water Chamber of Commerce, who are hosting and promoting the event. .

Photo courtesy of
Chuck Gaidica is an iconic figure in Detroit broadcasting having served 27 years as Chief Meteorologist and on air host at WDIV Channel 4 in Detroit. He’ll be in Port Huron on Sept. 17 to emcee the Biggest Snack Competition in the U.S.

The competition will be held at the Vantage Point Farmers Market in Port Huron. It’s open to the public from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and attendees can sample and purchase the snacks in competition.

Organizers of the contest were recently pleased to announce that famed broadcaster Chuck Gaidica will be the emcee for the MI New Favorite Snack event.

Blue Water Healthy Living caught up with iconic Michigan broadcaster to pose some questions related to his upcoming appearance in Port Huron. 

BWHL: What made you agree to emcee this particular competition?

Chuck Gaidica: It sounded like a very interesting opportunity. 

BWHL: Since this event is geared towards assisting small businesses in the aftermath of surviving a pandemic, did that premise appeal to you as well?

Chuck Gaidica: Well sure. Anytime you can help others, businesses included, you may be directly or indirectly changing the future course of an organization that affects many families in the Port Huron area.

BWHL: Are you familiar with the Blue Water area – visit or vacation in Port Huron area at all? 

Chuck Gaidica: Yes, our family connection goes back decades to when I road in the Blue Water Parade one year. We were so impressed with the friendliness of all involved that we eventually bought a cottage on the lake just north of Port Huron.

BWHL: Any favorite spots to visit in the Blue Water Area?

Chuck Gaidica: To be fair, when we had our cottage in Burtchville Twp./Lakeport we spent much of our time there. We sure did enjoy the London Dairy and getting to know Jim and Marian Relkin when Jim was Mayor of PH and after. We enjoyed the river walk near Thomas Edison Inn (I am dating myself) and the Burtchville Twp. Park just north of where we lived. Summer recreation was awesome but even in winter when the ice rolled in, we had fun exploring.

BWHL: Are you familiar with any of the entrants or finalists for this competition- enjoyed any of their snacks already?

Chuck Gaidica: No, since I am judging I have not gotten to know any of the entrants or their products yet. I can’t wait to dig in.

BWHL: You’ll also be a judge for this event, looking forward to that part of the day?

Chuck Gaidica: Yes, I like snacks even though I am on a health kick. I have a good friend who is a doctor. He says all us should eat healthfully but allow for a “5% fun zone” to eat what we want. I like that idea!

BWHL: When you reach for a snack at home what tends to top your list?

Chuck Gaidica: I like cookies and nut snacks. If I had ice cream in the freezer, I would likely go to that first and dig for the “gold”. I mean the fudge.

BWHL: Finally, likely what all readers wonder – do you miss doing the weather at WDIV Channel 4?

Chuck Gaidica: I do miss it at times but I miss my pals more. WDIV is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. There is a special being taped which includes the many anchor people I have worked with over the years. That will be fun television.

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