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Is your car ready for winter?

By Pat Conard

This article was originally published on November 10, 2017.

The leaves are changing colors and falling off the trees and the temperatures are getting cooler, so it’s good time of the year to make sure your vehicle is ready for winter. The following is a guideline to consider:


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It’s a good idea to have a safety inspection done.  A safety inspection is where the entire vehicle is looked over and any problems the vehicle has will be made known. There are a few specific areas that will be addressed during the inspection.

Old looking coolant


Have the coolant tested for its freezing point.  As a general rule of thumb, the coolant should test good to around -30°.  If the coolant tests weak, it should be flushed and replaced with fresh coolant.

Antifreeze tester


Have all the belts and hoses checked in your vehicle for any sign of dry rot or cracking.  If any signs of these conditions are present, you should replace the affected belts and/or hoses.


Worn tire tread
Good tire tread

Check the tread depth on your vehicle’s tires.  All automobile tires have wear bars on them that indicate a replacement is needed when the tread is even with the wear bars.


Have the battery tested.  A weak battery will start a car in warmer weather because less effort is needed to crank the engine.  However, in cold weather, a weak battery will not crank the engine and your vehicle will fail to start.


You will want to check the windshield washer solvent also.  If the solvent is not rated to -20°, it’s time to replace the solvent so you don’t have a problem with it freezing up in your vehicle.


This is a good time to check out the wiper blades.  If the wiper blades are showing wear, they should be replaced so you will be sure to have wiper blades that will keep your windshield clearer from the snow, ice, and slush during the winter months.

RECOMMENDATION – Now would be a great time to schedule your car in to Redline Automotive Repair and let us perform a safety inspection to let you know what your vehicle will need to get ready for winter!  Safety inspections start at $35.00.

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Pat Conard, Owner


Pat Conard has lived in Port Huron, MI all his life.  He attended Northwestern College in Lima, OH to study auto mechanics.  Pat is married to Casie and has two pre-school children, a son, Dalton, and daughter, Devyn.  He enjoys family time, the Detroit Tigers, the Detroit Red Wings, and classic cars!

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