Calli’s Corner: Sharing some good sports news

by Calli Newberry

We hear a lot of bad news over the course of a week. I think that’s maybe why they say “no news is good news” because typically the news is sad. But this week, I’m here to bring you some good news from the world of sports, from the pros to our local athletes.

  1. At the Almont v. Croswell-Lexington football game last Friday, there was a group of kids, probably eight or nine years old, running around in the grass near the field playing their own game of football. They were loud but cute because they’re kids and to see them play together is fun.

    Anyway, the national anthem started to sound and I heard one of them yell, “Guys! It’s the National Anthem!” Immediately they all ran to the fence and faced the flag. They put their little hands over their hearts and the ones with hats took them off. They’re not my kids, but I imagine that’s what a proud-mom moment would feel like. There is still hope, America.
  1. A couple days later, Tom Brady squared off against his old team. I mean, the Buccaneers played the Patriots, but it really just seemed like it was going to be a night of Brady v. Belichick.

    Love him or hate him, or maybe you’re just tired of hearing about him, but Tom Brady is reminding us all that the old cliché is true — Age is only a number. He’s 44 years old and in better shape than he was 20 years ago. He even won the Super Bowl with a torn MCL. And now he’s a record-holder yet again with 80,560 career passing yards. I like a good underdog story, but I also love to see talented athletes extend their legacies.
  1. And speaking of talented athletes breaking records, North Branch soccer star Landen Swoish just broke his school’s record for most goals scored in a season on Wednesday night when he earned his 33rd goal of the year against a strong Imlay City team.

    The best part is, he’s only a junior and he’s probably only going to get better. Plus, the season’s not even over. With at least three games left, he’ll set the bar even higher for when he returns to the field next fall.
  1. Our area has the top two football teams in the Macomb Area conference, and they’re playing each other tonight. This is more than just a rivalry game, it’s one of the biggest football events of the season. Both Port Huron High and Port Huron Northern are undefeated in the MAC-Blue and lead the league by two games. Even though one of the teams will walk away with a loss, they’ll still sweep the top two, and that’s pretty exciting.

    It’s also just an exciting, morale-boosting time for the area. Literally thousands of people will be there cheering on their favorite local high school players and when you have two really tough teams, it’s even better.
  1. In an incredibly similar situation, the University of Michigan and Michigan State University both stand at 5-0 right now. The Wolverines lead the BigTen while the Spartans sit in fourth, with Penn State and Ohio State University in between. The last time the two were undefeated heading into their rivalry game was in 2010, but they played each other in game six, allowing for the greater likelihood of a pair of undefeated rivals. This year, they’ll have to make it to the end of October.

    As we all wait in anticipation for that matchup on Oct. 30, U-M will take on the University of Nebraska (3-3) and Northwestern University (2-3), and MSU will face Rutgers University (3-2) and Indiana University (2-3), making it quite possible for perhaps another once-a-decade undefeated matchup.

What a time to be a sports fan in the Blue Water Area, with great local and college athletes to root for and young players to be proud of. As you head into the weekend, keep an eye out for some more exciting good news to share. If you want, share it with me too. I love hearing good stories from our area. My email is calli@gbsmediapro.com or find me on Twitter: @newberry_calli

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