Calli’s Corner: Let the winter sports begin

By Calli Newberry

Only a handful of teams across the state are still competing in either football or volleyball, but for everyone else, winter sports are in full swing. 

We’ve got tryouts, practices, scrimmages, and even a few hockey games underway already. 

It truly is the most wonderful time of year. 

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I love the winter sports season, partially because everything is indoors where I don’t have to worry about wearing three pairs of pants and bringing an umbrella, but also because I enjoy the pace of the season, especially basketball.

Unlike the fall sports that have a decent preparation period, teams practically dive right into competition in the winter. I suppose when looking at the official start date in August to the first Friday night matchups, it’s similar to the transition time from tryouts to tipoff in basketball, but in reality, athletes spend nearly all summer getting ready for fall. 

Sure, they still make time for their other sports in the offseason, but it’s not the same. 

But as much as I love diving right into things, this can also sometimes lead to fatigue come February. With two, sometimes three games a week, shoot arounds on Sundays, morning practices before school, it can be a lot. And if you’re a wrestler trying to maintain your weight, you just really crave an all-you-can-eat buffet. 

So before our athletes get to that point of burnout or fatigue, I want to offer a bit of perspective to remind everyone that it’s worth it. 

Just keep working, stay disciplined, and remain focused. 

Trust me, I know it’s not easy. Between three sports in high school and running track in college, I spent eight years training, working, and focusing on different goals and there were times I wanted to give up. 

But then I’d achieve a goal by the end of the season and I realized all of the hard stuff was so worth it. And honestly, there were times I didn’t achieve my goals too, but knowing I did everything I could left me feeling a whole lot better because I knew I did my best and still gave everything I had, even when I wanted to quit. 

I’m writing this now in hopes of preventing our athletes from the feeling of regret, because I believe it’s a much tougher pill to swallow than a loss. Right now, teams are just being decided, scrimmages are just beginning, and everything is still exciting. It’s easy to work hard and give 100% this time of year. 

But in a couple months, everyone will be a little more tired, a lot more sore, and will probably have been sick once or twice. That’s when it’s hard to want to put in the work and stay disciplined. 

I promise the teams and the athletes who push through that time will be much more satisfied and a lot more proud when their seasons conclude, whether they end with another trophy in the case or not, because they’ll know they did all they could. 

I promise it’s worth it. 

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