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Calling all fence-sitters to listen and consider

By Tim Parker

Most people likely already have their minds made up as to who they will vote for in the Presidential election on November 3rd including other races through mail-in, absentee, or in-person ballots so my thoughts will not likely sway too many votes, but I must try. It is my hope that there are some who say, “I’d like to see evidential material to support your intentions, and I might change my mind.” We stand on the precipice of the most crucial election of the last 160 years if not the entirety of our early days and Republic. Most people agree with that statement whether on the Left or those who resist the Left and its Marxist/Socialist agenda. In a brief shot, I will present why this is such a dangerous time and there is only one way to vote if you want to see America continue to exist in the form you cherish and desire to see flourish; why and how Social Justice agendas tie our hands against truth and true progress; what the two political platforms are; and how we can help move our country in a positive way.

First, we must “re-educate” our educated people without talking about revisionist history. I hate revisionism, so why do I say this? Before we knew this label, our history was revised. I know it’s hard to believe but very few today really know the most-crucial ingredients of our actual history and heritage. This is why serious-minded folks must spend significant time perusing Dave Barton’s Wallbuilders YouTube videos and series. Most will be shocked and come away saying, “I never knew that before!” Or, “I wish I’d known those details years ago; that changes how I see America!” You don’t have to be a city-burning crazy to have a distorted view of our history, thanks to previous revisionism. We could only charge a few with blatant revisionism before, but most teachers and books are guilty of that today! Are you willing to have your paradigms challenged? You might say, “I wish I learned history under Dave Barton!” Now you can. Better yet, you might say “We actually were exceptional, and should return to our roots!”

Two of the most volatile subjects in America are slavery and racism. Research into our true history causes us to see a completely different understanding if we can distance ourselves from revisionist, divisionist history meant to destroy a working picture of equality, community and worldwide progress. Indeed, if our real history were known, the foundations for the riots, protests, Social Justice movement and the new gods of Critical Race Theory and Woke gospel would disappear into the fog of subterfuge and subversion. But one side does verbal and societal backflips with draconian control to keep a twisted revisionism going to cause havoc in the country that led the way in slavery termination and racial healing – until the first “black” President hit the scene. So much for progress! We must humbly look at true history for honest answers to crumble the myths that seek to destroy much!

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Like tasting a sample in a grocery store, give a listen to The Truth behind the statues we attack. We cannot erase history. Or Foundations of Freedom/Great American myths/Rick Green is an excellent video. You might come back for more samples – and Barton produces substance! With ears to hear you might say, “Wow!” Major series are American Heritage, Foundations of Freedom, and One-room Schoolhouse. A needed video for today is: Constitution Alive/Episode 8 Foundations of Freedom/Dave Barton/Rick Green because most are so confused on what “freedom of religion” and “separation of church and state” means. Be sure to check out the ones on Law and Jurisdiction. Watch them all! You’ll gain godly respect for our Republic and founding per the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and Constitution as you go back to school with Barton.

Second, the Biden/Harris ticket is known more for telling fibs without blinking (sometimes). The corruption we hear about makes the Mafia look tame. Our prospects are closer to a banana republic than a Constitutional Republic. They speak out of “both sides of their mouths” and sell their “wares” in a variety of ways. If Joe was Pinocchio, he wouldn’t be able to get out of his own way! Somehow the public is not supposed to acknowledge or be frightened by his blatant contradictions. He claims he will do what he hasn’t done for the past 47 years. Really? One company in Florida told its employees if B/H win, they will likely all get laid off and will close their doors. That scenario won’t work well! When confronted with lies, he either laughs (gas-lighting) or gets furious.   

Steve Elliott of Grassfire said, “Gas-lighting” is a psychological technique in which a person in power uses manipulation to cause others to question their own fundamental grasp of reality. In this case, despite mountains of evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop, his signature on the work order, and corroboration from third-party sources, Team Biden and fake-news media simply “gaslight” the entire episode as if evidence doesn’t exist! “This is how tyranny is born. It is always dangerous, but right now the stakes couldn’t be higher. The fate of our nation could be decided in less than two weeks and Team Biden’s deception strategy is on the verge of winning the day! If they prevail, radical Marxists will control the government, media and social media – giving them unrestrained power over our lives.” Joe was close to honest in the last debate when he said they would terminate our newfound energy independence by shutting down oil and coal-fired energy to lose 10 million + jobs. That’s progress?

Some think no politician is as corrupt as the Clintons but the Biden syndicate takes a back seat to none! Biden/Harris cannot begin a righteous Administration on a foundation of lies, much less evil ideas that violate, squelch, or criminalize Christianity, our Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Free speech is almost a thing of the past; what will it be under their “leadership?” The right to keep/bear arms for self-defense and a tyrannical government will be outlawed. The freedom of assembly and religion will be criminalized unless it’s a BLM or Antifa “mostly peaceful rally.” But we can bow to their new god. Trump fulfilled every campaign promise and then some! Trump loves America; B/H hate America. Trump loves our founding documents; B/H would shred them. Trump makes significant positive changes; B/H talk about self-defeating, self-crippling ones. Trump lowers taxes; B/H will raise taxes. Trump creates opportunity for new jobs; under B/H, our economy and live-ability will screech to a halt. Under Trump, righteousness can prevail; under B/H, evil will prevail. In conclusion for this point, amazingly for an “unethical” man, Trump’s family doesn’t have one outward strike against it; conversely, Biden’s family syndicate will be hard-pressed to survive in the face of public scrutiny and true Justice.

Third, as a Christian, former pastor, theologian and writer I am grieved to say much of the church is very confused on points above. They replaced the Divine Gospel of Jesus Christ with a man-sourced gospel of Social Justice that brings no real justice, no forgiveness, no ontological new birth unto glorification, and no equality at the foot of Christ’s Cross. The comparison is similar to an excellent 3-teir German chocolate cake versus a mud-pie. Sadly, these folks traded the Gospel of Christ for a gospel that cannot new birth, transform in grace or convert, or take us to glory. They actually say you can vote for people who embrace the murder of babies in the womb, people who distort God’s Justice, people who criminalize righteous living, and people who deny or desecrate the Moral Law of God in the Ten Commandments and please God in the process. Wow!

It is no wonder we’re on the brink of total societal collapse. We will see collapse with a Biden/Harris ticket. Surely B/H are not responsible for America’s decline for the past 100 years but we’ve never jumped ship to embrace a full Marxist/Socialist/Communist agenda/regime before! It’s sad to see a whole party boldly proclaim something that is 180 degrees from our founding! The average person has no idea how broad, wide, deep and high this downgrade has been – and how much work is required to reverse these tragic ingredients. It’s no wonder students come out of high schools or universities and hate our country; are ignorant of our founding documents and God-fearing history; have no respect for authority; shake a fist in the face of God by rebelling against His Laws; resist Christ’s Gospel of Grace-Faith-Promise in the New Covenant; and raise a clenched fist in the air to support this agenda that will take us into a permanent hell-hole with no return. The travesty would be almost impossible to turn around if B/H somehow “win” the election. For seniors, check out the Seniors website to see how much we can lose with B/H. Yet many are okay with this! I don’t understand!  

I won’t apologize for getting on my preaching box for a minute but will allow the platforms of both parties to speak for themselves. Check out a basic side-by-side – the 2020 Voter Prayer Guide from Intercessors for America – to see Democrat and Republican platforms without commentary. They cover 12 issues: life, religious freedom, environment, marriage & sexuality, health care, economy, racism, immigration, education, Israel, gun ownership, and National security. Go to or find the expanded version at Certainly other issues are important to America but this allows people to evaluate party lines without outside influences like mine.

Fourth, what can we do in the days until Election Day 2020? If you believe in the power of prayer – pray! Pray for a fair election. Pray for President Trump. Pray for county clerks to be honest. Pray for poll workers and poll watchers. If you’re unsure whether another four years of a Trump Administration is good for a once-righteous nation with hope of looking upward, email me to discuss issues at I’d be happy to point to other sites to help you consider why another 4 years will be good for America, or talk with you about any issue. For Trump supporters, do NOT allow gas-lighting or polls by fake news media and tech giants to intimidate you from not voting. They were wrong before! We need every Trump supporter to vote, in person if you can! Offer to take others to vote. At least, call someone to see if you can help. Consider being a poll watcher to verify a fair and valid election. Speak up. Proclaim Trump’s victories. We’ve been squelched but that doesn’t mean we must keep our mouths shut. November 3rd is fast approaching. Prepare for the worst but believe the best.

Scripture says God builds up governments or takes them down – often depending on what we do. His judgment has been on America for our sins but He extends mercy too. Trump is a mercy! I don’t want to see Him withhold His mercy to leave us to His Judgment – even as some call for that in defiance! He will surely bring His people through whatever comes but until the end we have every reason and opportunity to repent, forsake our sin, cry out for the Grace of Christ’s Gospel, and live before His face in an obedient Christ-pleasing way. After all, our country was founded for Christ’s glory in our midst and around the globe. Per God’s promise to Abraham, we’re blessed to bless others – what America has always done.

In summary, many have forgotten the good things America has done (being told lies long enough), maybe been ignorant of our founding and actual history (causing almost irreparable harm), maybe wrongly embraced suicidal societal living (rebelling against wrong-minded strawmen) but we can repent to live in the power of Christ’s Gospel. We can make a difference when we live rightly. God bless those who live as if Jesus is King. That’s why I proudly declare my support for Donald Trump for another 4 years as leader of our Constitutional Republic – the United States of America. Work for better days ahead. Consider voting for the candidate who will significantly move our progress-needle forward without Trump-derangement syndrome and with widespread assistance and support. He is not a perfect person but knows Jesus reigns and now lives in light of that truth. Supposed Christians can’t offer forgiveness and grace. With that in mind, grant mercy and Golden Rule reality. God bless President Trump and may God continue to bless America!

In His Grace,


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