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Week 3

If you have been following Blue Water Healthy Living, you are familiar with the Blue Water Fallen Heroes Community Banner Project.  The program was conceived to recognize and honor over 550 military service members from Saint Clair County killed in action from World War I to the current conflicts.  These banners will include the service member’s picture, their branch of service, their rank, the conflict they were involved in, and the city, town or village they resided. The banners will be displayed the week for Memorial Day and the week after in the cities and towns where the hero lived. Target date 2021.  

Those of you who have not heard of the program or simply want to know more about it will now be provided with a forum in which to ask questions.  We will be accepting your questions which will then be answered directly by those involved in the project.


Your Question From Last Week:

Q: Why not honor all vets, not just those killed in action?

A: This project was designed to wrap around Memorial Day, to remember those GI’s who sacrificed their lives for their country.  The suggestion of doing banners for all Veterans is a project other communities have done, but this project is county-wide.  There are over 17,000 veterans in St. Clair County.  Raising money for that number would be a huge challenge, not to forget that purchasing the required hardware would be a monumental undertaking.

Q: How will someone find a particular banner?

A: The organizer’s plan is to display banners in the community that each GI resided in.  A plan is being explored to pinpoint the exact location once they are up.

Q:  Why not do all veterans and fly them on Veterans Day.

A: This was covered in the first question above.

Q: Who has access to the money contributed?

A: The Community Foundation is the only entity that has access.  They have a 75 year history of community involvement, transparency, philanthropy, and trust.  According to the contract, the Department of Veterans Affairs signed with the Foundation, those monies can only be used for the printing and marketing of the banners, and nothing else.

Have we not answered your question?  Send it to the email address below and we will see that you get an answer.  Check back to Blue Water Healthy Living for the answer to your question.

Fallen Heroes Hotline 810-985-2007

Kathleen Knowles is a life-long resident of Port Huron and a 1973 graduate of Port Huron High School. After attending St. Clair County Community College, she has worked for credit unions all of her life as well as a professional dog show handler, known for handling Pekingese. Kathleen has been writing fiction for years as a hobby, having posted many stories online.

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