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Blue Water Area celebrates PH/PHN seniors

By Joseph Hayes

It was a special moment for everyone involved.

Even though the last day of high school didn’t come down to the same festivities that everyone was normally accustomed to, it still will go down as a special occasion across the entire Blue Water Area.

Starting at Port Huron High School and ending at Port Huron Northern, the class of 2020 was celebrated with hundreds of people on hand across the city alongside them on city roads and streets.

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Port Huron Northern senior Alexis Biberston had considered a parade route to celebrate the class and that’s actually what took place on Friday.

“I didn’t realize my last day would be March 13,” Biberston said. “I wanted to do something on the actual last day which was today. The community support has been mind blowing. I thought we would see a couple people support it and now it’s over 600 people that are now interested.

“I’m proud to be a part of this community. People are sharing their banners and bringing smiles to each other’s faces.”

Port Huron High School graduating senior Jocelyn Bombard didn’t originally know what to think when she heard of the event being planned.

But that soon changed after she arrived and saw the response.

“I didn’t think it was going to be that big,” Bombard said. “I think it’s actually really good. A lot of people are coming and the community is coming together.

“It’s pretty unique. We are always about PH and Port Huron Northern going against each other and now the schools are doing it to celebrate each other.”

By the time the day was over, everyone seemed to walk away with a sense of accomplishment and a smile on their faces.

“My takeaway is everyone has a way to be in the spotlight today,” Biberston said. “The people from the Harrison Center and Landmark Academy and the people already alumni. Everyone here is able to be recognized.

“When I look back on the events of the year, it sucked I couldn’t do the spring banquet or the ice cream social but I will be reminded of this parade.”

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