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Blue Polk-A-Dot Dress

By Marisa Glied

Back in 2016 when I was sewing in Refashion Runway: All Stars one of the challenges was Pantone: Riverside Blue. I purchased these dresses but I opted for a different set of dresses for that challenge. So I finally am getting around to this project!

I said bye bye to the shoulder pads!

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I seamed ripped the 4 seams on the front and back of the dress.

I also took off the sleeves.

Here is where the white dress comes in! I used the gauzy fabric in the white dress to fill in the seam gaps I made.

I used my pinking shears to finish the edges.

See my newly thrifted Sperry boat shoes?s I was  very excited for this find! ?

Happy Refashioning!!!

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