Blue Water Healthy Living


By Sharon L. Remington

Nature’s last fling
All enjoy their brilliance
Trees, which are deciduous, broad,
Umbrellas, they shade us from some weather concerns,
Roots can reach out forever.
Evergreens are able to survive the winter,
Sunlight shines this day.

Autumn is in the air!
Under the Oaks, bright red, brown, or russet leaves
Taking long walks with someone close to you,
Underfoot, you can hear crunchy leaves that have fallen.
Many are decorating for the season
Now trees will show their colors before going dormant.

Purplish red of Dogwood
Apple orchards are the place to be,
Let the hayrides begin!
Even small children jump into piles of leaves.
Tom some it means; the cold is right around the corner,
To others; this is their favorite season
Even still, Communities united, blessed by autumn’s beauty.

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My name is Sharon Remington. I graduated with the Charter Class of Sterling Heights School In 1973. College courses include psychology, interior design, and computers. After working A variety of jobs, I then went on to graduate from the Fashion School of Beauty. I became a licensed Nail technician and worked in Shelby Township. In 2002 I had an opportunity to move to the Blue Water area and have been loving it ever since! One of my passions is volunteer work. Currently, I am an Ambassador for an area senior independent living. The setting is a community of residents all living under one roof. I call it a mini-resort. The people come from all walks of life are friendly and a pleasure to be around.
Some of my interest include water, gardening, crafts, poetry, animals and long walks. I also collect nautical articles from different places I visit. I look forward to being a part of Blue Water Healthy Living Magazine. My goal is to bring material that is appealing to its reader’s.

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Blue Water Healthy Living

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