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Author : "The Big D" Derek Wark

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Derek Wark (The Big D) was born in Sarnia, he currently resides in Petrolia, ON and has always had a passion for sports announcing as his 24 years of volunteer play-by-play broadcasting of Varsity sports (as of 2020) for Port Huron Schools TV certainly indicates. Although he's known mostly as a football announcer, Derek has broadcasted and covered all sports at the Varsity level for PH Schools during the 24 year tenure and has always dreamed of announcing at the highest levels. Derek is a graduate of both Lambton College in Sarnia for both Millwrighting and Media Fundamentals and also at SC4 in Port Huron (Associate Degree in Media Communications). Derek is always very proud to not only broadcast games, but also to write articles about every single game he has ever announced on a professional sports blog at and is happy to volunteer his time to GBS Media for both sports writing and announcing. As Derek so claims during broadcasts - "Being BIG is a state of mind!"