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Santa Claus lives in the North Pole with Mrs. Claus. When he isn’t out delivering presents to good little boys and girls, he can be found working in his toy workshop, taking care of his reindeer, or sneaking some of Mrs. Claus’s famous Christmas cookies. He enjoys spreading cheer year-round to people of all ages. Santa is the spirit of Christmas. He stands for Love, Joy, and Peace.

Need to get in touch with Santa? Contact Santa's Agent Rodger Catt at N8SVR1@Gmail.com to see how Santa can help make your Christmas even more Merry!

Santa Claus

23 Days Until Christmas!

No Way!  That can’t be right!!!?  Can it be only 55 days to Christmas???!!! What happened???? Somehow it has sneaked up on us! Santa has been busy...

Santa Claus
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National LEON Day

By Santa Claus What is National LEON Day, you ask?  It has a knack for sneaking up on us. You have heard of Christmas, right?  That seems to sneak up...