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Born in Detroit, Michigan, the oldest of six children, grew up in Royal Oak & Beverly Hills, and graduated with an aerospace engineering degree from the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He became a Naval Aviator and his military career included tours flying the carrier-based A-7E Corsair II, the T-2 Buckeye, TA-4 Skyhawk and the F/A-18E. When a heart attack cut his military career short at 14 years, he brought his wife and three sons back to Michigan in 1994 and worked for 22 years doing engineering in the auto industry before retiring. He is also a grateful heart transplant recipient since August 2018 and remains married to Mary Ellen, his love of 37 years. One son is a District Sales Manager for GM and the other two currently serve in the Air Force. His writing includes short stories from his Navy flying days and a series about Animal Control Officers that spoofs the Dragnet TV show from the 60’s.