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Author : Friends of the St. Clair River

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Friends of the St. Clair River is the Blue Water Area’s largest environmental non-profit showing 40 miles of love to the St. Clair River and its watersheds since 2007. Based in Port Huron and serving all of St. Clair County, our service area includes the 40-mile long St. Clair River and five smaller subwatersheds draining directly into the St. Clair River.We are committed to inspiring citizen action through stewardship, monitoring and education to restore, protect and enhance the St. Clair River and its watersheds. Together, with our local, regional, state and federal partners, we implement a variety of initiatives including water and land stewardship, water quality monitoring, river cleanups, advocate for healthy water, lead research-based ecosystem management, and promote responsible water-based recreation.St. Clair County contains some of the most limited, valuable fresh water on earth and we are here to restore, protect and enhance the future of our waterways. St. Clair County’s waters are a big part of what is known as the “Blue Water Area” which got its name from the St. Clair River; a river of incredible sapphire colors. Introducing families to our valuable natural resources is our business. Through education, monitoring, and restoration we are committed to helping families learn, explore and enjoy all that the Blue Water Area has to offer. We hope that this love of nature creates a lifetime of memories and stewards that will one day advocate for healthy water too.Our passion for the St. Clair River runs deep here in the Blue Water Area, so welcome and thank you for stopping by! Whatever you do, get out and show our water some love!