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Author : Elizabeth-Beth Ely

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Health journalist Elizabeth (Beth) Ely is a fourth-generation native who returned to Port Huron from New York City to spark discussion about health alternatives in her own hometown. Having earned a master’s degree in journalism from New York University and worked as a financial editor on Wall Street, she has made a name for herself internationally via the Internet as a journalist and Podcaster, most notably as co-host of the groundbreaking “How Positive Are You” Podcast. Her new show, “Health Revolution Radio,” will make use of her 25 years of research and continue her Podcasting tradition of presenting news-you-can-use on AIDS, cancer and vaccines as well as general health, from a Web site offering expanded resources. Closer to home, she is working with local natural health practitioners and educators to form a professional support and community outreach group in the Blue Water area, the Blue Water Holistic Health Network. Welcome home, Beth!