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Author : Dominic Jakubowski

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Dominic Jakubowski is a college freshman at Kettering University who is currently perusing dual bachelor’s degrees in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. He attended Cardinal Mooney High School in Marine City and graduated with honors in 2018. Through Kettering’s cooperative education program, Dominic has obtained a position at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles as a Supplier Operations Engineer and works there on a rotational basis for six months of the year. For his entire life, Dominic has resided in Clay Township. From a young age he knew that his passion was history, politics and service for country. He participated in scouting and obtained his Eagle Scout award at the age of 15. He has spent countless hours volunteering for political campaigns and has worked with youth leaders across the state to kick start youth involvement in the Republican Party. He is the current Chairman of the Kettering College Republicans, which he established during his first term on campus. Dominic desires to continue to be involved and hopes to one day become a leader in his community.