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Derek grew up in an Italian-Mexican, Catholic family, attended Catholic school, and served as an altar boy in church regularly. As a Junior in High School, he felt the need to leave the church and found himself searching for religious truth. He was first saved while on patrol onboard a submarine in the U.S. Navy during a nuclear war scenario. Not completely understanding what it meant, and not having anyone to guide him, he found himself exposed to many religions and began to research several of them and even attended some of their churches. Eventually, he attended a Bible study where he started learning more about Christ to the point where he would spend hours at the library doing research. Religion was still a pretty rocky road for him for several years falling in and out of the Catholic church many times and continuing to read books on world religion. He began attending different non-denominational Christian Churches and was exposed to various types of worship, preaching, healings, speak in tongues which he was taught after being told it is required to be Christian. With all the confusion brought on by these experiences, he felt it just wasn’t right and again stopped going to church and returned to reading various versions of the Bible and researching world religions. Later in life, and after a divorce, his daughter invited him to go on a short-term mission trip to Guatemala where he felt led by the Lord to give up the life he had and dedicate himself to serving Him by becoming a missionary. He kept in touch with Mimi, the team guide in Guatemala, and got married about 6 months later, moved to Guatemala, and began a new life as a missionary serving the Lord. Derek has been a full-time missionary living and serving in Guatemala since June 2014. He felt led by the Lord to start Straight Path Ministries prior to moving to Guatemala which he and his wife Mimi have operated since. He has been writing Christian related material for Straight Path Ministries and is now sharing his writings here at Blue Water Healthy Living. Derek encourages discussion and can be reached at